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genre of music composed for performance as part of religious ceremonies

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His 1963 book A Survey of Christian Hymnody is still in print (in its fourth edition) and is used as the basic hymnology text in many church music schools, institutes, and seminaries.
The conference covered the following topics: 1) the place of sacred music in liturgy, 2) music sources--identifying problems, concordances, 3) church resources in academic libraries, 4) collections of monastic libraries, and 5) church music collections in Silesia.
Father Paul Bigmore, vicar of Ynyshir, was presented with an Honorary Archbishop of Wales' Award for Church Music by the Archbishop, Dr Barry Morgan.
Alma Mater will feature Pope Benedict XVI reciting and singing texts and prayers to traditional church music and pieces created just for the album.
Alma Mater will feature Pope Benedict XVI reciting and singing texts and prayers to a backing of traditional church music and pieces composed specially for the album.
Featuring members and ex-members of St Mary's Church Choir, the ensemble will present acapella church music.
During a recent class period at Valparaiso University, undergraduate students studying church music discussed a chapter from Mark Bangert's current writing project, Intersection: Traffic at the Corner of Christian Assembly and the World of Music.
Editors note: At the conclusion of our February feature article entitled Churches sing a new song unto the Lord, we invited readers to tell us about "unusual" church music, or music that is atypical in the context of the church.
This is a reprint of MacDermott's Sussex Church Music in the Past, first published in 1922, with the addition of an extract from an article by Stanley Godwin published in the Sussex County Magazine, vol.
The musicians' intention, however, was to soften the pope's attitude toward modern church music.
Both spiritual, Christian library holdings and general-interest public libraries will appreciate the overview history provided in Church Music in America, a non-technical survey of the history and patterns of American church music which follows the musics of several groups from their arrival in America to modern times.
That first became evident to me during the civil rights movement, when I saw the role that churches played and church music played in inspiring people.
In this book, without hiding names, Neuhaus shows what he thinks of some changes in the Church which were fostered following the close of the Second Vatican Council in 1965: church music changing from Gregorian Chant into less worthy forms of praise; the language of the Mass being demeaned into "banality and sentimentality" in the English vernacular; the neglect of the Sacrament of Confession; the unheard-of practice of everyone at Mass receiving Holy Communion even though many communicants do not know or accept St.
Wesley's reputation suffered during the twentieth century, however, as Victorian church music did generally.
Editor of the Apwitihire series, Don Niles, has contributed a substantial introduction drawing on his own extensive knowledge of PNG church music.
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