church key

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can opener that has a triangular pointed end that pierces the tops of cans

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If someone comes into my restaurant and is used to having a wine sommelier, it's easier for them to understand what to expect when they hear I'm a beer sommelier," says Greg Engert, beer sommelier at New American restaurant Birch & Barley and its upstairs lounge Church Key in Washington, D.
The church key is available from the nearby garage and cafe.
Actually Noel (apart from making me wonder if there's any intelligent life at Supernova Heights) I'd rather have surgery with a rusty church key - and no anaesthetic
Long ago, after the once Catholic place of worship changed hands, its last Catholic caretaker vowed on his deathbed that his hand, the one in which he'd held the church keys for years, would never rot until they were returned to the rightful owners - the Catholics.
EmmerdaleITV1, weekdays As Ashley hands his church keys back he worries where he can spend the night.
Guests were entertained by the music of The Church Keys.
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