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During June 11-13, 2010, an estimated 9,000 persons attended a church festival held in a suburban community of Hamilton County, Ohio.
Arokyaraj, a fisherman at Kachchativu prior to setting sail for Rameshwaram said, "After very long time, this church festival was held with the permission from both the governments (Indian and Sri Lankan).
The programmes, held every month from July last year until May, included an environmental programme, Bahrain-Indo Jubilee Conference at Parumala, Kerala, Christian Convention, tour of Christian pilgrimage destinations, church festival, charity fair, Parish Day, meditation session, local charity work, cricket and volleyball tournaments and a Labour Day programme.
Which Christian church festival is celebrated on January 6th?
It was an unseasonably warm May day when the joyful atmosphere at a Granada Hills church festival turned into terror as a parolee pulled a semiautomatic rifle out of a tennis bag and started shooting.
Christopher Whiting, 55, heard on the radio he might be stuck for up to four hours after going to a church festival in East Grinstead, Surrey.
The Padare had something of the air of Kirchentag, the German national church festival that has become a social and spiritual movement in its own right.
MANILA, Philippines -- Philippine police say they stopped a planned suicide attack on a crowded church festival by arresting 16 suspected Muslim militants and seizing three homemade bombs Jan.
It was the Church festival most commonly associated with dragon legends.
Slum living provides daily exercises in incivility, but I will never forget one particular night when the annual church festival on my street turned into a quasi-riot.
Last year, the brand presented Garcia with a $10,000 donation at the Mary Immaculate Catholic Church festival in Pacoima.
A newcomer from India was surprised to see the large crowd at a church festival in a Muslim country.
Doku was an active participant in the bi-annual Church festival, where she organized and managed the ethnic store.
Today-Tomorrow Cresswell Church Festival Wednesday, August 21 Gateshead Floral Art Club, golden anniverssary dinner, Lumley Castle, County Durham.
Lankan fishermen would stage a rally to protest against their Indian counterparts for allegedly snapping their fishing nets and causing inconvenience to them, Devananda had said while participating in the St Anthony's Church festival at Katchatheevu, an islet ceded to Sri Lanka by India in 1974.