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a calendar of the Christian year indicating the dates of fasts and festivals

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The selections assigned to these tables were chosen to suit observances of the church calendar, to correspond with the readings with which they are collected, or to follow a biblical text in semi-continuous order.
In the church calendar Whit Sunday was (and presumably still is) the seventh Sunday after Easter, in commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles.
Yesterday was Advent Sunday, which marks the start of the preparation for Christmas in the church calendar.
According to the church calendar, Christmas is celebrated for three days.
This means people can stay on your site when checking out the church calendar or membership directory from their mobile device.
The "Fortnight for Freedom" covers the period during which the church calendar recalls "great martyrs who remained faithful in the face of persecution by political power," as the bishops put it--such as John the Baptist, who was killed by Herod; the apostles Peter and Paul, who were killed in ancient Rome; and Sts.
Though not officially canonized, she has been revered as a saint for centuries and has a feast day on the church calendar.
A potluck lunch on the last day of the church calendar year is one option.
The church calendar runs late into spring this year, encroaching on precious discing and planting time.
The cross, now restored to use in the former cemetery chapel in Wallasey, was blessed on the Feast of St Nicholas, in the Russian orthodox church calendar
With the Finkbeiners part of the congregation, German celebrations have crept into the church calendar.
All Christmas, Lent and Easter services will be celebrated at the little church, in addition to the other main holy days in the church calendar, like August 15.
THIS time of year is an interesting season for those of us who follow the Church calendar with its festivals, saints days and its rhythms of fasting and feasting.
It will not be possible to tell the story of every woman saint who appears in the church calendar of Orthodox churches.
It is perhaps an appropriate moment in the Church calendar to remember that Jesus was willing to share his life with people from all walks of life, and all levels of society, including the dispossessed, the adulterous, and the unloved.
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