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Synonyms for chunk

Synonyms for chunk

an irregularly shaped mass of indefinite size

Synonyms for chunk

a substantial amount

put together indiscriminately

group or chunk together in a certain order or place side by side

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5] illustrates that ChunkStash is designed to be used as a large throughput persistent key-value storage layer for chunk metadata for inline storage de-duplication systems.
Practical chunk scheduling mechanisms must be able to deal with these issues.
048Mb/256Kb) as (3), and push each chunk into 8 sub-stream (because from above calculation, the number of nodes in level 1 is 8 nodes, it means existing 8 sub-trees for our topology).
Ruth hooked on a chunk, tossed it overboard, and immediately hooked up on a 40- or 50-pound fish.
This does two things: first it lessens the chance of the blade sticking into the chunk; and secondly when the edge of the maul contacts the wood, the angled side of the blade forces the wood apart like a wedge, applying more force to one side of the chunk than the other.
In tree-based overlay a peer simply pushes the arriving chunks towards its downstream peers in the tree.
Occupying a large chunk of contiguous space serves the industry's business by allowing toy tenants' customers the convenience of strolling from showroom to showroom come convention time but also helps the industry in its search for a new space in that it gives them added leverage to extract better rents and concessions landlords.
Hash-based solutions suffer from an inherent risk that the same hash might be assigned to two data chunks that are not in fact identical.
For roadwheels, one missing chunk of rubber that measures three by four inches or larger is enough to make your vehicle NMC.
No doubt Fibonacci scholars are aware of the fact that each chunk of seven terms always ends with either 13 or 26.
Chunk cheese, or bars of cheese, account for nearly 30 percent of packaged cheese sales, totaling $6.
Looking just like what it is -- a chunk of mineral salts (largely alum), the Crystal is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, non-sticky, non-staining, and contains no aluminum chlorohydrate.
Think of it as writing in chunks, with each idea or information contained in each "chunk" (or component of your writing) complete unto itself.
Quickly build a chunk of the finished product (5 minutes of building).
In contrast to more flamboyant and widely celebrated artists who take the writings of Clement Greenberg and Michael Fried to constitute a strict set of rules that have been shattered, Hyde perversely safeguards an otherwise thoroughly misinterpreted chunk of history that may play a bigger role in the future, if painting's peculiar pleasures have much to say to us.