chump change

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a trifling sum of money

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That's chump change compared with what this community is capable of contributing to, say, a cherished university athletic program.
But that was chump change compared to what businesses made off with: tax credits and write-offs that would have reduced the government's intake from the private sector by half a trillion dollars through the eighties if the act had not been undone by later legislation.
Chimps" might be able to peel away maybe $5 million in ticket sales, which is pretty much chump change for a movie opening in that many theaters.
The retirees will incur added expenses of about $743 a year, and no one's arguing that that's chump change for some of our oldest seniors on fixed incomes.
56 billion budget is chump change compared with the $151.
Still, the decor is chump change compared to the $43 million spent on salaries for the 1,100 headquarters employees.
Middle-class taxpayers got chump change from Bush's tax cuts, but even if politicians find it politically necessary to preserve tax breaks for the middle class, rolling back the handouts to the rich would lop about $180 billion off this year's total deficit.
Lane Shetterly, R-Dallas, correctly noted that $2 million "is more than chump change.
One million dollars is chump change in the rich halls of Hollywood.
Compared to the imposed living wage, the reduction in business license tax is chump change.
That may seem like a lot of money to us regular folk, but it's chump change compared with what the school board will spend on its legal challenge to the recently passed school-reform legislation.
That's no bonanza, but it's not chump change, either - especially when local school districts, like others across the state, are facing budget cuts.
For a company that just gave $65 million to the county of Los Angeles in exchange for a very profitable merger deal, these fees are just chump change.
This is a reminder that those truly plugged into the political power centers aren't brought to their knees by chump change.
Guess that $175million he signed him to over the years was chump change.