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(polo) one of six divisions into which a polo match is divided

a shoe that comes up to the ankle and is laced through two or three pairs of eyelets


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But both teams failed to break the deadlock even in the fifth chukker in which no goal was scored.
Panther's Dhruvpal equalised before the end of the chukker after converting a 30- yard penalty.
Photo: Bell sounds to mark start and finish of each 7 1/2-minute chukker; a game has six chukkers, more in case of a tie
The third and fourth chukkers were played between IndusInd Bank and Panasonic and the latter won by the same margin.
All games consist of four chukkers except the final, which will have five chukkers.
After the chukkers have been played and the sun goes down, the action continues all around town with events and dinners at The Setai, Louis, SET and at The Hotel Victor.
All matches will comprise of four chukkers except the Grand Final, which will involve five chukkers.
But the match, played over six chukkers, never quite produced the exquisite display expected of a contest featuring players like J.
There were no further goals in the next two chukkers and Team UAE went on to win the inaugural edition of this tournament.
The teams will battle it out, on the occasion of International Polo Day, in a 14- goal match played over five chukkers.
With all their players in attacking mode, they paid the price for being slow off the blocks and letting in six goals in the opening two chukkers.
They also want to bring in an additional eight horses as the number of chukkers next season will be five and not four like last year.
The third and fourth chukkers were relatively sedate affairs, as there were only two goals.
The match, played in four chukkers, saw Cavalry- USPA leading throughout but a brilliant turnaround in the last period by Sahgal Stud changed the script.
But though they were trailing by one, the partnership of Colombres and Barabucci has proved dangerous in the past and Barabucci scored in both the second and third chukkers.