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the dull explosive noise made by an engine

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make a dull, explosive sound

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Paul points out that Chugs story is "quintessentially American" in that it involves an immigrant father who was determined to make a better life for his family.
A second chug, and this one was much worse than the first.
The new milk chugs, in easy-to-drink, 8-ounce plastic jugs, come in reduced-fat regular or low-fat chocolate.
2 -- 5) A water taxi chugs across the Colorado River en route to Laughlin, Nev.
Nowhere are Jackson's strengths better illustrated than on ``Drive,'' his deservedly chart-topping 11th Arista album, which chugs along to the rootsy, satisfying strains of mandolin, harmonica and shimmering guitar.
Gullane Entertainment and Nelvana, has challenged Intervisual, the acknowledged leading producer of interactive dimensional books and playsets, to create a product featuring a wind-up train ("Thomas") which chugs, whistles and rambles through a pop-up village, making real train sounds.
According to a store employee, a delivery of Milk Chugs was due later this week.
The agencies will assist in supporting the launch of Chugs into California and will work to build upon the strong Alta Dena Certified Dairy and Berkeley Farms brands.
A railroad chugs past flower-filled promenades, a fern grotto and gardens with various themes - an Iris garden here, a Japanese garden there.
Meanwhile, as he/she chugs along attempting to be "right," Right Line subscribers have just made a 20-point profit in a stock because it announced a split.
Rent'' chugs into Los Angeles powered by a full-throttle p.
When The Lights Go Out' chugs with faux-funk authority and a crackling pop chorus, you will be irreversibly hooked on this tasty guilty pleasure long before the track reaches its conclusion.