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the dull explosive noise made by an engine

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make a dull, explosive sound

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Coun Doug James, Walsall Dear Editor, I'm shocked at the news the government won't back Birmingham's fight to ban chuggers.
Expecting the worst, I was left pleasantly surprised as the chugger politely informed me that he was an eastern monk fundraising for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, which aims to feed the poor and the homeless through its Food for Life project.
STREET fundraisers known as chuggers - "charity muggers" - face a crackdown under plans to be unveiled tomorrow.
The call for a by-law follows a survey of shoppers which revealed that 84 per cent said they were put off from walking around the city centre by the sheer number and persistence of chuggers.
Chuggers are one of the great menaces stalking our new urban landscape, on an equal footing with drunks and Bible bashers in terms of irritation.
Then there are blended words created by merging two existing words together in an internal combination, such as chugger, a blen ding of charity and mugger, which are truncated by losing their ending and beginning ( chugger -someone with a clipboard seeking signatures and bank details on the high street).
But research shows that it takes 180 approaches by a chugger to get one signature, one in ten of these approaches is in breach of the rules, but no chuggers get sacked for this.
I worked a small topwater chugger (my favorite bass lure) along the calm eddy edges and only the rare retrieve didn't draw a hit or at least little-guy follows.
HE spent decades fooling the public that he was the perfect charity chugger.
Because journeying on a Branson chugger is like taking an innocent girl on an expensive date.
The Chorley Chugger - a man who is absolutely not scared of his wife.
Huff And Herb: Feeling Good (Killer Bee/Planet 3) A stupidly catchy house chugger, cleverly sampling some of Nina Simone's finest bits to cook up dancefloor delirium.
Bigger baits are better "Primarily, for trolling baits, dolphin like big baits, fast baits, chugger baits, a skirted combo.
There's a cold edge to this electro pop chugger that startles with it's flickeringly repetitive neon lyrics.