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the dull explosive noise made by an engine

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make a dull, explosive sound

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A couple of minutes later and I came face-to-face with another chugger representing Barnardo's who had clearly set her sights on me from afar.
It was similar to our tuna setup, except now we were trolling just outside of the beach break, with two slow-trolled, bridled blue runners off the back, while one of us cast a chugger into the surf.
BBC's Money Box programme says only 10p in the pound raised by chuggers actually reaches the charity.
Unfortunately, very few of the councils cracking down on chuggers are in the West Midlands.
Huff And Herb: Feeling Good (Killer Bee/Planet 3) A stupidly catchy house chugger, cleverly sampling some of Nina Simone's finest bits to cook up dancefloor delirium.
You get stopped by one chugger and then another soon afterwards even though you have told their colleague you are not interested.
After field-testing the plug, we found the lure performed best at slower speeds worked like a chugger.
There's a cold edge to this electro pop chugger that startles with it's flickeringly repetitive neon lyrics.
Nineteen-year-old chugger Felix White said: "I ask people 'Do you want to help cure cancer?
Available now on promo, this is a late-night deep chugger that will rock your dance floor from Dublin to Donegal - grab it here and play it loud http://tinyurl.
I saw one young chugger on New Street a few months ago who was using a particularly cynical ice-breaker.
He added: "I think this is a fun way to fundraise for charity, rather than just confronting people with a chugger, which I think everyone is sick of.
Claire Douglas: "I hope the crackdown works - between Central Station and the Centre for Life there's often at least one chugger, two beggars and some religious group to get past.