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European sedge having small edible nutlike tubers

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22) Gongshang Zongju Jingzheng Zhifa Ju [SAIC Anti-Monopoly Bureau], Guanyu Nei Menggu Zizhiqu Yancao Gongsi Chifcngshi Gongsi Lanyong Shichang Zhipei Diwei Xingwei de Chufa Jueding [Decision regarding the Penalty on the Abuse of Dominant Behavior of Tobacco Company in Chifeng, Nei Menggu Municipality], Jingzheng Zhifa Gonggao 2014 Nian Di 15 Hao [Competition Law Enforcement 2014 No.
And I had to explain to Chufa that they were snobs and idiots, that the quality of a dog (or of a human, of course) is never measured by his pedigree, and that she was a darling dog, the prettiest in the world, and that she should not feel slighted, because it happens that males sometimes behave that way.
To this date, the Horchata de chufa is considered an effective remedy for diarrhea, according to popular tradition in Valencia, Spain.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Lifa yingdang cong shiji chufa, kexue helide guiding gongmin, faren he qita zuzhi de quanli yu yiwu, guojia jiguan de quanli yu zeren).
Chufa is a plant that produces an underground tuber wild turkeys relish.
vieja de bien, arrugada y llena de afeite, que parecia higo enharinado, nina si se lo preguntaban, con su cara de muesca entre chufa y castana apilada, tartamuda, barbada y bizca y roma; no le faltaba una gota para bruja.
55) See Guowuyuan Guanyu Xiugai Jiage Weifa Xingwei Xingzheng Chufa Guiding De Jueding [Decision of the State Council on Revision of Provisions on Administrative Punishment of Price-Related Violations] (Jan.
Es una horchata como la de arroz, pero hecha de un tuberculo que se llama tufa o chufa, que abunda en Valencia.
Otros: vegetativa y Miel, Turron, semillas para Chufa y cultivo.
Uns possuem tracos particularmente diferenciados de proverbio, como a chufa, o rifao e o dicterio que tem tracos maliciosos, satiricos e vulgares respectivamente; outros possuem autoria conhecida como o aforismo, o apotegma, o axioma, a citacao, o pensamento e a sentenca.
Field Nut Sedge, Yellow Nut Sedge; Chufa Flat Sedge; Around Scott Pond; Infrequent; (#); C = 0; BSUH 11772, 11970.
PDO--Protected Designation of Origin; for example Prosciutto Toscano, Feta, Chufa de Valencia (nuts), Miel de Granada (honey), Camembert de Normandie,
2, 1995; Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo Xingzheng Chufa Fa [Administrative Punishment Law], art.
Following Zhong, after a single poem by Peng Yilin--apparently a love song to his hometown/lover, Chongqing, "The City: A Love Affair Suddenly Ignited" (Chengshi: turan chufa de yici lian'ai)--there are two poems by Bai Hua, also a native of Chongqing, but written while he was student in far-off Guangzhou.
In some state wildlife areas, managers have had a difficult time trying to get chufa established because of the hogs, says Department of Conservation turkey biologist Steve Barnett.