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a herbivorous lizard that lives among rocks in the arid parts of southwestern United States and Mexico

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Video is probably the fastest growing content type for website use," said Craig Lynar, vice president of marketing, Chuckwalla.
Chuckwalla and Van Gennep will demonstrate ContentConnect for PlanSystem3 at the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management Symposium at the New York Marriott in Brooklyn, New York on Monday, March 29 and Tuesday, March 30 at the Chuckwalla/Van Gennep booth #6.
The Chuckwalla system supports virtually any complex file type -- from illustrations to video and audio files.
The integration of TeamSite and Chuckwalla creates a powerful synergy that allows even non-technical contributors to both develop and QA Web content.
The Chuckwalla software development kit is making it easy for us to deliver `Custom Planets' - customized tool sets for initializing printing projects and managing digital content - to our largest customers, including three Fortune 1000 companies.
Chuckwalla features, such as direct delivery of media to visitors from our image database, will provide faster performance and enable us to tightly integrate the text and media components of the site, which translates to a better experience for our visitors.
Chuckwalla is an Internet technology company offering fast, integrated delivery of rich media content -- managed and delivered by the Chuckwalla platform for Broadband Media Management.
Bite-force performance and head shape in a sexually dimorphic crevicedwelling lizard, the common chuckwalla (Sauromalus ater (=obesus)).
The Sumitomo Corporation of America (SCA), an arm of the 425-year-old Japanese Sumitomo Corporation is now the owner of one fourth of the 550-megawatt Desert Sunlight Solar Farm, being built in the Chuckwalla Valley east near Joshua Tree National Park.
The project is located 35 miles west of Blythe and six miles north of Desert Center in the Chuckwalla Valley on approximately 3,800 acres of land.
Chuckwalla land; the riddle of California's desert.
By the time of the sighting Haxel had been mapping in the southern Chocolate Mountains for more than two years, and was quite familiar with the only other large lizard species in the area, the Common Chuckwalla (Sauromalus ater).
The huge, rounded boulders ("God's marbles"), darting desert wildlife like roadrunners and chuckwalla lizards, watercolor washes of wildflowers, cacti and spindly Joshua trees draw a striking landscape.
Before a single bag of trash is hauled to the proposed Eagle Mountain landfill adjacent to Joshua Tree National Park, NPCA and Citizens of the Chuckwalla Valley will continue opposition to the dump by filing a petition with the California Supreme Court, the highest court in the state.