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They stood there a-thinking and scratching their heads a minute, and the duke he bust into a kind of a little raspy chuckle, and says:
Churchyard mould," said the old iron-gray man, with another chuckle.
The sympathetic Toodles welcomed this opening for a chuckle.
Magdalen heard him chuckle over his own success in balking her curiosity on the subject of the second floor.
The chuckle with which he said this, and the chuckle with which he paid for the Turkey, and the chuckle with which he paid for the cab, and the chuckle with which he recompensed the boy, were only to be exceeded by the chuckle with which he sat down breathless in his chair again, and chuckled till he cried.
Then with a little confidential chuckle of laughter, he patted me two or three times on the chest, finally pushing me back into my chair.
Then the little man began to chuckle at the thought of having the poor child, to take home with him to his hut in the woods; and he cried out, 'Now, lady, what is my name?
She gave another chuckle, and interrupted it to say almost querulously: "It's a pity she didn't marry you; I always told her so.
No, no," we replied, with a knowing chuckle, "not we.
Sal, I'm thinking I could manage him,' says my mother, with a chuckle.
Yes, he looks happy, mother," he repeated, with a chuckle.
Brissenden panted and gasped painfully for a moment, then began to chuckle.
And here he was, he would chuckle to himself, with a real true cannibal for a slave.
Hope my fellows have not got into trouble up there," muttered Uncle Mac, adding with a satisfied chuckle, as a spark shone out, "No; there it goes
Smoke, who had descended to the deck and was now standing by my side, began to chuckle in a significant way.