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European freshwater game fish with a thick spindle-shaped body

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Chubs, who herds Valais Blacknose sheep - also known as the "world's cutest sheep" - went missing from the family's farm on Thursday, December 4.
We reported Chubs missing to the police as soon as we realised he had disappeared.
The proposed delisting of the chub offers reason to hope that some of the more than a dozen runs of salmon in the Columbia and Snake River basins of the Pacific Northwest may some day be delisted because they also have recovered.
8220;I wanted to create a pet bed that was more than just a pillow on the floor,” said Josh Nabielski (Charles & Chubs Owner).
We observed several creek chubs while electrofishing, including a large male over one of three pit-ridge nests.
The plight of the humpback chub is just one example of the nationwide dilemma many native fish face.
We're offering you the chance to feed your dog a Webbox 800g dog chub worth up to 34p - absolutely FREE
This undermines public trust in the state and federal agencies that promised to install screens to prevent tui chub from being sluiced downstream out of Diamond Lake, then failed to do so.
Rockholt said he would consider it "eco-terrorism" for someone to deliberately release chubs or shiners into the lake.
Because some chubs do remain in the weed beds during the night, a total population count is not yet available.
And the salmon were still only 10 to 12 inches long - not really big enough to be major predators on chubs.
In the 1930s, anglers introduced nonnative fish into the headwaters of the Mojave River when they used arroyo chub (Gila orcutti) for live bait.
In the 1930s, anglers introduced normative fish into the headwaters of the Mojave River when they used arroyo chub (Gila orcutti) for live bait.
They were looking for Oregon chub, an inauspicious little fish that rarely grows beyond a few inches but can live up to nine years.