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European freshwater game fish with a thick spindle-shaped body

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John Hay with a 5lb Tees chub, caught on the way to winning the NYSD Open
5%); the prevalence of Silver Chub in the EPA data set was 11.
The spawning of chub was estimated from direct observation of the gonads, gonad evolution (GSI) and monthly egg diameters of the samples (Bagenal, 1978).
We compiled records of Peppered Chub throughout its range to capture records of occurrence before and after the drought of 2011 and 2012.
The sex and maturity stage of chub were determined morphologically.
The spring complex has a reliable open source to the Mimbres River where Chihuahua chub can swim to and from.
Our collections of Shoal Chub constitute a significant change in the knowledge of populations within the lower Illinois River.
In 1996, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) conducted fish surveys at 5 locations in Oregon that historically supported Alvord Chub (unpubl.
Gary Lewis netted a big chub and added a couple of grayling to win with 7lb 10oz; on the next peg Colin Whitehouse put two chub on the scales for 7lb 7oz and second place and two pegs away Dave Loader was third with 6lb 4oz.
Further downstream on peg 57, Yarm's Ron Hopkins landed six chub and a few dace for 16lb to claim third place, while Stockton's in-form Billy Leonard caught two chub and a few dace and grayling for 15lb 10oz from peg two at the run-off from Croft bridge pool to come fourth.
On the Swale, Shane Doherty has beaten his personal best in subsequent months after taking a fine 5lb 4oz chub in January and then a superb fish of 5lb 12oz last week, with both chub falling to beef steak.
The Nick Gretton Memorial at Linley was a case in point, attracting 40 anglers, and it produced the best match weight of the season on the big river in the shape of a superb 88-12-0 bag of barbel and chub to Tony Peploe, who fished 6mm banded pellet on the feeder from peg 47.
Chub are fewer but there are some really large specimens.
Oskar Blues of Lyons, CO, reports that their Old Chub Beer Bread side project is bearing fruit.
Oregon chub (Oregonichthys crameri) are small minnows endemic to the Willamette Valley of western Oregon.