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dwelling beneath the surface of the earth

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In particular, Ihimaera's earlier narrators revel in her dark, chthonic side, seemingly rejecting any classicising tendencies which might smooth out a myth's rough edges.
In "The Chthonic Academy" she attaches the word Academy to Chthonic--Chthonic meaning the underground world of spirits or demons.
But as modernity progresses, autonomy comes down from the heavens and insists that the self to be realized is the chthonic self--the desiring, preferring self.
7) Rather, Nana's iconography suggests that, in her chthonic aspect, she was identified with the Zoroastrian goddess Spanta Armaiti, the Earth, and the Greek Demeter (pp.
These touchstones of feminine wisdom, embodied in the character of Marta who searches Africa for her lost love Marcelo, make The Tuner of Silences a chthonic pieta carved from gnarled, screaming, ironwood stumps.
The connection is strengthened when one considers that Osiris was the Egyptian god of the dead, and Lucius does meet Asinius on his path to this chthonic god just as Psyche will meet the lame ass and man on her journey to the Underworld.
He is, like the letter that will fall from his pocket, "whiter than white" (410), enhancing his mythical purity even as he garners chthonic powers from the dark forest.
Cloepfil, no doubt mindful of the chthonic burden of Still's work, declared that the entrance "presses the visitor to the earth.
In Yeats's poem, Cuchulain's return home with chariots laden with gold could well be interpreted as a metaphor for the return of the sun, who must then battle with the chthonic forces of darkness.
Hegel had earlier maintained that each of the protagonists, Antigone and Creon, is at the same time both wrong and right: Antigone champions the values of family, love, blood, and the chthonic gods (below the ground) while Creon values the rule of the state and the Olympian gods (of the sky).
Cryptozoological bloodworms, Dune's sandworms, JT Petty's Burrowers, Alvanson and Negarestani's sentient oil and rat-swarms and machines that are digging: the ground beneath our feet is teeming with chthonic monsters, tellurian presences that chew through earth and nestle in burrows and reach up and snag and snare and pull back down into shifting dirt.
17) In the case of our three mystery cults, their chthonic deities were subterranean, chthonic meaning "in the earth, i.
Mary Schneider and Joyce Zonana both analyze Empedocles on Etna in terms of a structural opposition between Olympian and Chthonic (earth or nature) gods.
A precursor to blobjective narratives, Koontz's imagery grasps the "Thingness" of oil as a singular inorganic body fueling the Conradian journey "up-river," from the gas station to the chthonic oil reservoir via the tentacled edifice of oil pipelines.
The very boundary between life and death and between cultures of Africa and Europe is shaken and their intimate relationship demonstrated by the voodoo religion, a combination of African chthonic religion and French Catholicism.