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a brown or yellow-green olivine found in igneous and metamorphic rocks and used as a gemstone

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Consider, for example, the phrase from Othello which Hazlitt quotes in "The Letter-Bell" and I repeat in my epigraph: "one entire and perfect chrysolite," already broken into a fragment and yet carrying with it a host of reverberating meanings.
A hadith mentioned by Abi al-Dunya in his Makarim al-Akhlaq, Abu al-Shaykh in his Kitab al-'Azama, and al-Bayhaqi in his Kitab Shu'ab al-Iman tell us on the authority of Anas that "the Messenger of Allah said: "Allah has a Tablet made of a green chrysolite under His Throne.
Despite the saintly assistance of Chrysolite, the ten-year-old former Barry Hills' inmate on loan for the occasion for the day from the Northern Racing College, and the combined patience of instructor Alyson Deniel and Darley himself, the programme producers were forced to settle for the shortest possible example of trotting on the racecourse.
White asbestos, or Chrysolite, is the less dangerous form which can be spun or woven into tape.
Both can be used to replace white chrysolite asbestos cloth, which under current regulations is due to be phased out by the end of the year.
The first Catholic arrivals in the district had made the voyage out on three ships, the Clontarf, the William Miles and the Chrysolite, and most had strong associations with Nenagh, County Tipperary.
Since asbestos is injurious to health, that is why only specific kind of chrysolite asbestos would be allowed to be imported which is necessary for industrial use and is less harmful to health.
But there was a sting in the tail for Nicholls as he was suspended for two days for careless riding after minor interference between the 11-4 winner and Chrysolite a furlong and a half from home.
And here too the twelve gates are matched in number by the twlelve jewels that make up the fabric of the walls: chrysolite, sapphire, beryl, chalcedony, jacinth, amethyst, sardonyx, jasper, sardius, topaz, emerald, chrysoprase, all the jewels of the apocalyptic vision are carefully listed (851--65).
Over the last 18 month period, Mineral Resources has discontinued high-risk exploration and has acquired significant interests in coal, gold, antimony, manganese, copper, chrysolite and base metals throughout the world.
and then throwing away a "perfect chrysolite," "a pearl