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an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)

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Horological historian David Christianson a certified Master Watchmaker for more than a quarter century brings his skill and proficiency to bear with his publication TIMEPIECES Masterpieces of Chronometry.
Chapters 1 and 2 on chronometry nicely provide parallel lines of evidence for their theses.
For related questions of chronometry, chronology, chronography and chronosophy, see Pomian 1984 (after: Ricoeur:193).
Following an overview of the field, papers describe recent methodological advances, including an automated counting system for fission tracks in natural minerals, the use of laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for measuring uranium concentration for apatite and zircon fission-track chronometry, and detrital thermochronology based on measuring Nd isotopic compositions on single apatites by laser ablation ICP-MS, to cite a few examples.
Chief among these is chronometry, the measuring, typically, of reaction times in the performance of carefully delimited cognitive tasks.
chronometry of technological productivity, geometric and geological measurements, and measurements of rock quality.
In 1892, the "FrE res Baume" company set an absolute precision record at the chronometry competition held in Kew Observatory in England with a tourbillon chronometer, acclaimed as the most accurate watch of its time.
you'll get plenty of time to inspect the face of that interesting piece of chronometry when the Good Man begins on his 20-minute prayer.
The Baume brand won gold medals at the Universal Exhibitions in Paris, London, Philadelphia and Geneva with its complication watches -- tourbillons, minute repeaters and perpetual calendars -- and was repeatedly successful in what was then the most famous chronometry competition of them all: the one held by the Kew Teddington Observatory London.
Yes, there were astrolabes used centuries ago to measure planetary time, and contemporary artworks made with the more recent apparatus of chronometry (Piero Manzoni's collage of calendar pages, Tatsuo Miyajima's sculpture of hanging digital numbers).
Interspersed are straightforward commentary, sketches, and photos of such subjects as the Gulf Stream, chronometry, nautical terms, a seagoing grace before meals, extreme weather, parts of a bosun's pipe, and manmade icebergs.
Moreover, no other non-math psychometric task could add to the predictive power of the chronometric task, indicating that the role of chronometry warrants further study.
The volume is divided into four sections of unequal length: 1) Improving the link between accessory phase chronometers and petrological information; 2) Advances in the chronometry of major minerals--pro-grade histories; 3) Texturally controlled ('in situ') chronometry; and 4) Understanding transport processes in rocks.