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an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)

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So, according to Zelmanov's chronometrically invariant formalism [10,11], any four-dimensional (generally covariant) quantity is presented with its observable projections onto the line of time and the three-dimensional spatial section of an observer.
According to the theory of physical observable quantities of the General Theory of Relativity [25-28], the observable properties of a space are the three-dimensional quantities which are invariant within the fixed spatial section of an observer (so-called chronometrically invariant quantities).
The asterisk denotes the chronometrically invariant differential operators, e.
Geometric space characteristics of (2) are chronometrically invariant Christoffel symbols [[DELTA].
Such projections are invariant with respect to the transformation of time in the spatial section: they are chronometrically invariant quantities.
00])], while [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is the so-called chronometrically invariant time derivative.
Chronometrically invariant variations in Einstein's gravitation theory.
5 Gravitational inertial waves and their link to the chronometrically invariant representation of Petrov's classification
she called it the Synge equation in chronometrically invariant form.