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an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)

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which possesses all the algebraic properties of the Riemann-Christoffel tensor in this three-dimensional space and, at the same time, the property of chronometric invariance.
See Chapter 4 of Chronometric Invariants by Zelmanov [7], for detail.
Those are the quatities invariant within the spatial section (the so-called chronometric invariants): the gravitational potential w, the linear velocity of the space rotation vi, the gravitational inertial force [F.
Another inspiration was Highams attempt at what has come to be known as chronometric hygiene'--Wilfred Shawcross' marvellous ad-libbed term adopted by me in 1989--in trying to bring some order to disordered mainland Southeast Asian sequences for the beginnings of bronze use (Higham 1983, 1996/7 [first pub.
1999), the samples yield calibrated ages that agree with their stratigraphic positions (see section on the Interpretation of Chronometric Results).
The development of mental arithmetic: A chronometric approach.
Listing by stylistic period of all French UP sites with direct chronometric dating of parietal art.
Orthometric form of monad formalism and its relations to chronometric and kinemetric invariants.
Chronometric studies of the rotation of mental images.
Documents chronicle Bombay's evolution not merely through chronometric time but through time as occasions as well.
regulatory springs, the key element for chronometric precision of mechanical watch movements.
The continuous monitoring of biofunctions, now possible with telemetry, indwelling devices, and noninvasive sensors and computers using chronometric software to identify temporal structure in seemingly irregular data, may provide early warning to clinicians of incipient problems in high-risk patients.
The standard, hot Big Bang has many rivals: plasma cosmology, a steady-state universe, a cold Big Bang, chronometric theory, a universe modeled on fractal geometry.
73) The act of "elementary location or partitioning" is tantamount to the suppression of active place and space--not to mention time, now strictly regulated by chronometric means in the work-place.
Apart from the avoidance of absolutely needless verbosity, this is such as to also encompass the scientific spirit of Albert Einstein, who tirelessly and independently pursued a pure kind of geometrization of physics as demanded by the real geometric quintessence of General Relativity, and that of Abraham Zelmanov, who formulated his theory of chronometric invariants and a most all-encompassing classification of inhomogeneous, anisotropic general relativistic cosmological models and who revealed a fundamental preliminary version of the kinemetric monad formalism of General Relativity for the unification of the observer and observables in the cosmos.