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an accurate clock (especially used in navigation)

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Documents with chronometric age enable newly arrived refugees to apply for mainstream programs like SSI, but this approach creates some problems.
These "measures" are in fact like a series of Aeon-related infinitives, rather than chronometric tenses.
The cremation burial, one of only a handful within this part of Western Britain to be dated using modern chronometric dating techniques, clearly shows that Trefael was more than just a standing stone.
Timepieces are chronometric or digital, though wearing one on the wrist doesn't mean that its owner is a punctual person who respects the ebb and flow of time.
While chronometric dating of rock art is important to place rock-art creations in time frameworks, Morphy's contribution to this volume (chapter 17) reminds us that it only refers to the "rock art production" point in time.
Chronometric evidence for central postponement in temporally overlapping tasks.
Blind testing of rock varnish microstratigraphy as a chronometric indicator: Results on late Quaternary lava flows in the Mojave Desert, California.
No surprise: the specialised timing device showed that the watch had a running accuracy well within the chronometric parameters set by COSC, the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.
Activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) was examined using the chronometric technique with a compact STA analyzer from Diagnostica Stago Laboratories (France).
Topics discussed include the historical background of chronometric aging, arbitrary aspects of chronometric aging, exclusion and activism, the art of aging, aging authentically, and aging and narrative identities.
It is important to note that they [the authors] did not provide an absolute or chronometric date, rather the geochemistry shows that the trace elemental geochemistry is the same, thus the bones must be of the same age," said Kenneth Tankersley, an assistant professor in the University of Cincinnati anthropology and geology departments.
This in turn can severely affect chronometric results.
Its mechanical movement is equipped with a perpetual rotor and the parachrom hairspring pledges increases chronometric precision.