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an arrangement of events in time

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a record of events in the order of their occurrence

the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events

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A local ash chronology is being developed from old trees to assist in dating these vernacular buildings, but as yet it does not extend back far enough to date either Sunnybrae or Moirlanich.
Seeing a comprehensive chronology helps reviewers identify where new documents fit with respect to a case's events, issues, and people.
The Hyksos king Khayan comprises a key element in the chronology of Tell el-Dab'a (he is purportedly linked to a palace complex of late Stratum E/l and early Stratum D/3) and the 'low' Aegean chronology (e.
Chronology offers several licensing options including perpetual and time-based.
The difficulties of putting the inscriptions into a relative chronology are formidable.
Chronology Corporation is a leading supplier of testbench automation and interface specification solutions.
Some of the chapters are limited (explicitly or de facto) to the radiocarbon chronology, while others discuss the comparative stratigraphy (and even the climatic variations or the main features of the cultural traditions).
The book has two sections: Section I deals with evidence, geology, archaeology & chronology; Section II discusses typology, chronology, methodology.
One of the major problems it has had to contend with is that relative chronology in the field (what was built first and what came later) can be tied to an absolute chronological system only with the help of finds which anchor the local system to the great cultures of the Ancient Near East: Egypt or Mesopotamia.
Box: (ran in SAC and AV edition only) CHRONOLOGY (see text)
Chronology Corporation, a leading supplier of interface design and testbench automation software, today announced that ARM, the industry's leading provider of 16/32-bit embedded RISC microprocessor technology, has chosen Chronology's QuickBench(R) Verification Suite(TM) to automate the development of testbenches used to verify the ARM10(TM) microprocessor core.
Prefaced by a literary-historical chronology and a useful introduction to the conditions of female authorship, the poems are also annotated.
LeSeur does give us an interesting, though brief, conclusion that summarizes some of the books' thematic similarities, and the two appended chronologies - one a chronology of the African West Indian Bildungsroman and the other a chronology of the African American Bildungsroman - will serve users well.
To mark the occasion, art historian Robert Rosenblum, who with this issue joins Artforum's masthead as a contributing editor, offers a personal chronology of his five-decade-long dialogue with the artist's work.