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Hobson receive more sustained attention in Garraty's study than in Topalov's much longer and much more chronologically limited work.
The sections are chronologically organised, so that important events can also be fixed or searched by date.
The book is organized chronologically, for the most part, and includes in the source notes over 30 people who were interviewed by the author.
Though the chapters are chronologically arranged, "they do not presume to demonstrate any step-by-step development of affective dramaturgy" (22).
The first installment of selected fashions from LACMA's permanent collection displays some exquisite frocks but almost no curatorial principle beyond the brainstorm of arranging the outfits chronologically by decade.
In the meantime, you can work your way backward chronologically through the older photos.
A variety of immersion galleries and imaginative exhibits will chronologically depict the story of the Marine Corps and its role in preserving American freedoms since 1775.
The chapters are arranged chronologically (1939-1946) and each one is subdivided into sections (e.
Proceeding chronologically, Nicolo de' Rossi's sequences are seen as linking Dante's typological poetry to Petrarch's subjective poetics; and Petrarch's Canzoniere is finally set apart for the high degree of self-conscious control in the arrangement and transmission of its lyrics.
The chronologically intermediate pieces were from a series of monochrome surfaces from 1998.
In November, the AFI compiled a list of 400 American movies arranged chronologically from the recently recovered 1912 silent ``Richard III'' to 1996's ``Jerry Maguire'' and sent the ballots to a blue-ribbon panel of filmmakers, critics, historians, movie executives, artists and others in the industry.
com's discussion boards rank messages in accordance to each message's daily bid as determined by the author, and not chronologically.
Cahalan's work chronologically deals with life events and writings and their influence on one another.
It continues with Rome's approval of Hovius as archbishop in 1595 and proceeds chronologically, documenting his episcopal labors until his death in 1620.
The accounts on the CDs are arranged chronologically according to the remembered date of production of the artworks.