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Furthermore, the study's presentation of the opinions of non-literary people is chronologically and thematically disorganized.
The book proceeds chronologically, from the earliest bridges of simple wooden planks and ropes, to Rome's impressive stone creations, to the iron bridges of the Industrial Revolution, to the earliest suspension bridges and finally modern-day designs.
Chapters divided chronologically by different eras of the war make it easy to absorb source material and quotes.
The works are organized chronologically according to the original publication date, from 1981 to 2003.
Highly recommended reading for students of theology as well as non-specialist general readers, and arranged chronologically from January through December, this 400-page compilation is enhanced with additional appendices including "Jesus: Names, Titles, Metaphors, Figures of Speech and Pictures of Jesus"; "Jesus: Preeminent Pronouns of Jesus in Scripture"; "The Father: Preeminent Pronouns of the Father in Scripture"; The Holy Spirit: The Names, Titles and Emblems of the Holy Spirit"; The Trinity: The Names of the Lord (Jehovah) in the Old Testament"; "The Trinity: The Names of the Lord God (Jehovah Elohim; Kurios Ho Theos) in Scripture"; and "The Trinity: The Names of God (Elohim) in Scripture".
The Image of Giordano Bruno," by Lars Berggren, gives us a useful review of the portraits of Bruno, arranged chronologically into the various meanings attributed to the Nolan.
Following chapters that describe the air war chronologically, the author discusses how kills were credited, then offers A-Z biographies of the aces.
The book is carefully researched, systemically organized, and chronologically presented.
This method comprises the step of comparing a gene expression profile of a young multicellular organism subject's organ, tissue or cells; a gene expression profile from a chronologically aged subject's organ, tissue or cell; and a gene expression profile from a chronologically aged but biologically younger subject's organ, tissue or cell and identifying gene expression alterations that are observed when comparing the young subjects and the chronologically aged subjects and are not observed or reduced in magnitude when comparing the young subjects and the chronologically aged but biologically younger subjects.
Blog posts are typically short, unedited "instant messages to the Web" that are arranged chronologically, and may be creative, insightful, irreverent and even offensive.
Over time they get broken down and resorted, sometimes chronologically and sometimes thematically," said Gladwell.
The latest edition is said to provide such features as gage R&R with scheduler; reports and spreadsheets that can be transmitted as web pages via e-mail; three new chart options, including six sigma capability chart, overlay chart and three-chart; customizable ID labels on spreadsheets; startup screen with drawing or procedures display option; merge and trim data file functions; COM port interface for testing new gage connections; message log that chronologically tracks all communications associated with a process; data log that tracks changes and deletions of data; and print preview of reports.
This book chronologically presents an overview of portrait painting in the twentieth century.
The range is wide both chronologically and generically, from Judge Daniel Horsmanden's account of the "legal" handing and burning at the stake of thirty-one slaves and free blacks accused of conspiring to burn and loot New York City in 1741, to slave narratives, and to extensive treatment of works by Delany, Chesnutt, Hopkins, Johnson, Schuyler, Du Bois, Fisher, Hurston, Wright, Motley, Himes, Ellison, and others, not to mention black comics and gangsta rap, all in the context of American law and jurisprudence.
The trick to the play (which at press time was scheduled to close June 17) is that rather than unfolding chronologically, these scenes overlap and interweave.