chronological succession

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The bulk of each entry is devoted to the consideration, in chronological succession, of the artist's main works.
In part 1, the 14 medieval sites are presented in geographical order (from north to south) and not in chronological succession, in the form of individual reports that follow a uniform scheme: introduction, natural setting (with location map), general plan of the remains, overview of the historic context, summary of the known archaeological and archival data, and finally spatial organisation.
As a countermovement, juxtapositions of individual works from different series also played fast and loose with chronological succession, so as to make the cumulative effect less of a retrospective than of a single comprehensive composition in both space and time.
At first sight, the third step (chapters 5 to 9) suggests a classification of Near Eastern regions on the basis of a mixture of both environmental constraints and cultural responses, some subtitles ('Bronze Age', 'Post-Bronze Age') indicating that the presentation also respects a chronological succession.