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The culmination of the chapter is a pair of charts that visualize the chronological sequences of ED rulers.
Despite being to all intents and purposes a chronological sequence of nightly newspaper reports and features, the end result is still a gripping read.
Haight operates with a methodology that pays attention both to social-anthropological and theological dimensions as he examines major movements and figures, following a chronological sequence.
Rukhsana Qamber, Director ASC told that this seminar is part of the chronological sequence of that program which were held in the past and it would continue in future.
The creation week narrative primarily reveals the unfolding of God's intentional-semantic logic (Greek, kairos), rather than the ordinary chronological sequence (Greek, chronos) of his creative acts.
Damascus, (SANA) -- Twenty-five Syrian plastic artists have almost completed a gigantic painting named "Syria, Land of the Sun", showing the chronological sequence of the most important events in the country's history.
There is no thematic arrangement or chronological sequence so one must dip, flip and browse through the hundreds of small tales and dramatic photographs.
I want to share it in a chronological sequence if possible.
The narrative flows in chronological sequence with central themes discussed within the context of specific historical epochs.
Following' a loose chronological sequence, Watson's account of his years with the singer starts from the films he made with his Video 8 camera, which are the springboard for a large amount of memories, funny anecdotes and personal remarks about his former employer.
The papers are loosely linked thematically and form a chronological sequence spanning more than three and a half centuries of the music trade in London, Spain, and Vienna.
structures the main body of his monograph on Antoine Chavasse's masterful work on the chronological sequence of Pope Leo's sermons.
Brought together in more or less chronological sequence, each of Berglund's "five key cultural frontiers" advances her argument that these places of social contact were, in truth, mechanisms by which local elites "through cultural ordering .
This reference is intended for dental students, residents, and practitioners, and is presented in chronological sequence of patient treatment, from the early diagnostic appointments through mouth preparation, the creation of a master cast, lab procedures for framework construction, fitting the framework, maintenance and repair of removable partial dentures, and attachments for dentures.
Presenting reviews in alphabetical order by author within the chronological sequence means, for example, that if a book author's last name begins with M, and the reviewer with C, the reviewer will be listed before the citation for the book.