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The authors used data from a study on aging and included 6,489 individuals, whose average chronological age was 65.
Conclusion: Bone age calculated by Greulich and Pyle Atlas should not be used for estimating chronological age in children of ages 56-113 months in situations where high accuracy is required (e.
The relationships between age and the study measures also provided an interesting finding about the mean chronological ages at which these young women frequently reported body dissatisfaction and drive for thinness but not bulimia.
He has used coordination especially the chronological role of the coordination conjunction and' to achieve the desired temporal movement.
Events is a scrollable list in chronological order of 17 events significant in evolution from the origin of life to early art via snowball glaciations and human evolution.
7 years younger than their actual chronological age before surgery and 8.
CVM method is more predictable than chronological age alone in establishment of appropriate timing and types of orthodontic treatment.
Dr Maiolo follows a chronological approach as it was a chronological phenomenon based on action and reaction and this allows him to show how each step forward affected others.
Chronological resume: This is the most commonly used resume format.
The estimation of an individual's age consists of the study of osseous and dental characteristics to have a close approximation of a human being's chronological age.
estimation of chronological age, may be required [1] The main criteria for forensic age determination in the relevant age group based on odontological examination are tooth eruption and tooth mineralization, both developmental biological features.
Beginning with a list of standard abbreviations used in the recipe instructions, we are treated to a chronological presentation of historical facts about the First United Methodist Church, an exhaustive table of contents, a listing of cooking 'Hints and Tips', and a measurements table that will prove especially helpful to the novice kitchen cook.
Saadia Gaon, the Spanish linguists and the Ba'alei Masorah in chronological order, with forthcoming volumes to represent others.
It provides a chronological and easy approach fo the founding and growth of U.