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an arrangement of events in time

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a record of events in the order of their occurrence

the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events

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It is interesting that Faulkner should use the technical term "point of view" in speaking of the "bloodless bibliophile," who could certainly be cast in the role of the Absalom chronologer, and the Chronology itself undoubtedly reads more like the compilation of a "heatless, not very moved" Garter King-at-Arms than like - as Duncan Aswell put it - "the lucubrations of some crazy and drunken Kinbote wilfully misinterpreting his Southern Shade" (p.
9) Reference has occasionally been made to the contribution of the Chronology and Genealogy to the novel as a whole,(10) but virtually no attempt has hitherto been made to analyze the chronologer and genealogist - to say nothing of the map-maker - as distinct narrators,(11) independent not only of the third-person narrator but also of each other and hence functioning as individual consciousnesses within a deliberately created polyphonic structure that extends beyond the boundaries of what tends to be denominated as the novel "proper.
However little justification there may be for equating Faulkner with the anonymous narrator of the nine chapters, with the chronologer, or with the genealogist simply on the grounds that they speak in the third person and are not specifically identified as character-narrators, a case could certainly made for positing him as the narrator of the cartographical discourse.
I argue that this rich connection changed the dramatist's professional life, leading him ever deeper on the complementary road of civic involvement and the production of seven Lord Mayor's Shows, the appointment in 1620 as City Chronologer, and the publication of Honourable Entertainments (1621).