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an accurate timer for recording time

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There are two kinds of chronographs with respect to the "control group" governing the start, stop and reset functions.
Chronographs require the use of two or three sky screens the bullet must pass over for the velocity to register.
I have gone through close to a dozen chronographs over the past 40 years and I'm currently trying something totally different.
When the wristwatch emerged, the brand separated chronograph controls from those of the watch, making a technology that has been so oft imitated it is hard to imagine a wristwatch any other way.
Breitling, an aviation and chronograph pioneers has tied-up with Skydive Dubai to build unique experiences in the skies for thrill seekers both living and visiting the UAE.
410 BORE" ARTICLE IN the September issue, wherein he refers to some information on how to chronograph shotshells that was printed in the June 2014 issue.
If all you do is shoot, you never need a chronograph for anything.
The KKR edition chronograph is limited to a production run of just 300 pieces of each model.
When the costume department offered him a choice of luxury sports watches to wear, he naturally chose the square-shaped Heuer Monaco chronograph, the same one worn by his friend, the great Heuer-sponsored Swiss driver Jo Siffert.
I've just enjoyed developing the instrumentation--both chronographs and skyscreens for the handloaders and the more elaborate equipment required by the government and industry.
In 1884 Leon Breitling, after founding his workshop developed chronographs intended for sports science and technology.
A reminder of the first chronographs produced by Longines from 1878 onwards, this watch is closely based on the first wrist chronograph manufactured by Longines in 1913
Breitling has designed a special series of its Airwolf and Skyracer chronographs, two instruments identifiable by their rubber-moulded push pieces and bezel.
The MERIDIIST Automobili Lamborghini is hand-assembled and composed of more than 400 mechanical components, many derived from legendary TAG Heuer chronographs.
Breitling uniquely combines nostalgia, tradition, and superb craftsmanship in a replica of one of the first chronographs, it also features a rotating bezel and a sliding rule.