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an accurate timer for recording time

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Treat yourself to SE Lux and chronographic style instrumentation, Nordic light oak wood trim, leather upholstery, larger alloy wheels, active headlights, a powered tailgate and rear parking sensors are added.
The SE Lux enhances the SE specification with chronographic instrument dials, leather upholstery and light oak wood trim, front seats that are powered and heated, chrome detailing, 18-inch Merac alloy wheels, active headlamps, power tailgate and rear park-assist.
The SE Lux gets chronographic instrument dials, leather upholstery, light oak wood trim, heated front seats, 18-inch alloys, active headlamps, power tailgate and park-assist.
I begin by exploring some salient developments in Mendelssohn's convoluted reception history, then summarize the historical and modern dispositions of the epistolary, chronographic, and musical primary sources.
When traveling overland, this method far surpassed the seagoing chronographic technique of measuring the time difference between noon at Greenwich and the moment the sun was directly overhead at one's particular location.
Chronographic instruments and high grade materials give the interior a sleek look, while aluminium, carbon and stylish Silver Arrow leather were specially developed for the new model.