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From the Chronicle we learn a great deal about his wars with the Danes, and of how he fought them both by land and by sea.
The Saxon Chronicle, as it extended over many hundred years, was of course written by many different people, and so parts of it are written much better than other parts.
Besides causing the Chronicle to be written, Alfred translated Bede's History into English.
Only by the Chronicle were both prose and poetry kept alive in the English tongue.
Possibly the suggestions which I gained upon Mars, and the knowledge which I can set down in this chronicle, will aid in an earlier understanding of the mysteries of our sister planet; mysteries to you, but no longer mysteries to me.
These persons whispered very much among themselves, and kept aloof, and often looked round, as jealous of their speech being overheard; some two or three among them entered in books what seemed to be reports from the others; when they were not thus employed) one of them would turn to the newspapers which were strewn upon the table, and from the St James's Chronicle, the Herald, Chronicle, or Public Advertiser, would read to the rest in a low voice some passage having reference to the topic in which they were all so deeply interested.
Wendy's tour, dubbed "The Caddy Chronicles," will honor "the best stuff.
Since Lara Croft merchandise has proved popular at retail, Eidos has announced a unique tie-in for "Tomb Raider Chronicles.
Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five, Collector's Edition IV is a hardcover compilation of issues sixteen to twenty of "Raincoast Chronicles", a magazine begun in 1972 with the publishers' express intent "to put BC character on the record".
So the land of Israel has strong ties with Africa in Chronicles.
Included as appendices are the texts of various laws regarding citizenship as well as a transcription of the Ziliol family chronicle.
Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia,'' the second in the series of Beacham Source Books.
As the next chapter in the Dream Chronicles saga, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air re-immerses players like never before.
We're excited to deliver the award-winning Dream Chronicles experience to a whole new audience and fans alike," said Lou Fasulo, SVP of Publishing, Sonic Boom.
The Chronicles of Riddick' seamlessly brings you into the fantasy worlds of Helion Prime and the Necromancers.