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Synonyms for chronically

in a habitual and longstanding manner


in a slowly developing and long lasting manner


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A widowed, chronically ill resident on a fixed income probably suffers an inferior quality of life living alone in a crime-ridden neighborhood compared with living in a well-run, caring group facility.
The results of simple, paired t-tests indicated that, when underachieving, chronically misbehaving students were provided with responsive instructional environments, their long-term retention was significantly greater at the p<.
In addition to interrupting treatment based on a prescheduled timeline, studies have also tested the idea of stopping and starting therapy based on CD4 T cell counts and viral load in patients chronically infected with HIV.
Since "women with chronically ill children generally reported more stress" and since "there was a very striking connection between stress and telomere length" ("Stressed to Death: Mental tension ages cells," SN: 12/4/04, p.
In 2003, 42% of low-income, privately insured, chronically ill patients spent more than 5% of their income on out-of-pocket medical costs--up from 28% in 2001.
In 2003, 42% of low-income, privately insured, chronically ill patients--up from 28% in 2001-spent more than 5% of their income on out-of-pocket medical costs.
A population which is chronically infested with the causative agent of a disease and can infect other populations.
More than 160,000 chronically ill seniors in the state of South Carolina could benefit from these intervention methods.
And studies show that chronically ill children who miss a lot of school perform worse academically, jeopardizing their long-term success.
2] laser to successfully treat severe halitosis arising from chronically fetid tonsils (2004;131:372-7).
While all the women were mothers of at least one child, 39 members of the group were primary caregivers for a child who was chronically ill with a disease such as cerebral palsy.
On the heels of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's announcement of an ambitious plan to reduce the number of homeless people in New York City by creating 12,000 units of supportive housing over 10 years with the city, state and federal funds, Fannie Mae, the nation's largest source of financing for home mortgages, and the Enterprise Social Investment Corporation announced a $100 million low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) to help increase the supply of permanent supportive housing nationally for chronically homeless people.
The importance of a thorough examination of the chronically draining ear cannot be overemphasized.
Individuals who learn they are infected with HIV--whether chronically or acutely--commonly experience a range of emotions including:
Early attempts to routinely involve nurses in--and thus improve and standardize--the care of the elderly and chronically ill took the better part of the century to become common practice.
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