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Synonyms for failure

Synonyms for failure

the condition of not achieving the desired end

one that fails completely

a cessation of proper mechanical functions

nonperformance of what ought to be done

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

the condition of being financially insolvent

Synonyms for failure

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Are COPD patients with nocturnal REM sleep-related desaturations more prone to developing chronic respiratory failure requiring long-term oxygen therapy?
Conclusions: These data show that bronchiectasis can contribute to severe and difficult to control asthma with pulmonary complications like chronic respiratory failure.
This study examines remote patient monitoring projects in CEE that address different chronic diseases and conditions, including two EU transnational collaborative projects targeted at diabetes, dementia, mobility impairments, and chronic respiratory failure, and a medical alert system being implemented in the Russian Federation to address the emergency needs of the elderly.
The respiratory disease section, for example, includes a chapter on chronic respiratory failure but does not mention airway malacia and has little on carers and resources for home ventilation.
Acute respiratory failure is life-threatening, while chronic respiratory failure is less spectacular.
Called ASSET (Application of Self-Management Systems Evaluation Trial), the program is targeted to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure, chronic respiratory failure, diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
She was severely malnourished, an echocardiogram showed right heart strain and a blood gas showed acute on chronic respiratory failure.
NPPV should be separated into two different treatment categories: acute and chronic respiratory failure.
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