chronic leukemia

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For acute leukemia, immature cells called blasts crowd out normal cells, whereas with chronic leukemia the cells appear to be mature but are ineffective in fighting infection.
Dreger P, Brand R, Hansz J, Milligan D, Corradini P, Finke J, Deliliers GL, Martino R, Russell N, Van Biezen A, Michallet M, Niederwieser D; Chronic Leukemia Working Party of the EBMT.
Chronic leukemias of myeloid origin (CLMO) disorders are the second major category of chronic leukemias.
Evaluation of a chronic leukemia can be relatively straightforward and inexpensive, provided it is accurately diagnosed.
These numbers are divided between acute and chronic leukemia.
Over 50% of the products are being investigated in acute and/or chronic leukemia.
Washington, Aug 6 (ANI): A new study, led by researchers at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, has shown that certain genes are turned off early, before clinical signs of the disease appear, in the development of chronic leukemia.
Recognizing that prolonging disease-free survival in chronic leukemia relies on the eradication of minimal residual disease has raised the bar for developers of novel pharmacotherapy.
Ayalew Tefferi, Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester) to minimize the significance of interferon in the treatment of MPNs, a rare chronic leukemia.
Some cancer patients take this drug chronically for non-fatal chronic leukemia where the risk-benefit calculations differ from lymphoma," he said.
These products, derived from a number of different development platforms, include: the first drug in a new class of agents for hormone sensitive cancers, a potent agent which is proving effective in clinical trials in the treatment of acute and chronic leukemia, gene therapy products in early stages of development, a number of which have proof of principal in man, and a platform of cytostatic drugs in early stage development.
co-director of the Cancer Biology Program at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, called the trio's work on chronic leukemia "one of the finest examples ever of translational research," the process of making basic scientific research useful for practical applications.
Ibrutinib is currently in development by Janssen and Pharmacyclics for several B-cell malignancies, including chronic leukemia and lymphoma.
He has had hairy cell leukemia, a rare form of chronic leukemia, since 2005 and has completed almost 30 seasons of marathons, triathlons, hikes and ultra-marathons with Team in Training over the last six years.
ARIAD's collaborators at the Hospital San Raffaele are conducting a phase 2 trial of this product in patients with chronic leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma undergoing allogeneic BMT.