chronic kidney failure

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renal failure that can result from a variety of systemic disorders

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A diagnosis of chronic kidney failure is generally done via blood work and an accompanying urinalysis.
In addition to the box warning, the new labeling provides specific instructions for dosage adjustments and hemoglobin monitoring for chronic kidney failure patients who do not response to ESA treatment with an adequate increase in their hemoglobin levels.
During 1990 2001, the national prevalence of chronic kidney failure (from all causes) increased 104%, from 697 to 1,424 cases per million population (Figure).
Since its inception, ICI has been instrumental in the successful launching of Epogen, a drug that treats anemia associated with chronic kidney failure.
Blacks suffer chronic kidney failure at three times the rate of whites, but are only half as likely to receive a kidney transplant.
DaVita is a leading provider of dialysis services for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure.
For Vouga, who suffers from chronic kidney failure, the trip also is aimed at showing he will not be held hostage to a life-threatening disease.
More importantly, dialysis, as currently practiced, is ultimately only a stopgap, and except for the fortunate few persons who qualify for renal transplant, persons suffering from chronic kidney failure in the U.
Today, the 34-year-old Palmdale resident is donating one of his kidneys to his older brother Deren Finks, who is suffering from chronic kidney failure.
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