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Synonyms for infection

Synonyms for infection

(phonetics) the alteration of a speech sound under the influence of a neighboring sound

(medicine) the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms and their multiplication which can lead to tissue damage and disease

an incident in which an infectious disease is transmitted

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the communication of an attitude or emotional state among a number of people


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moral corruption or contamination

(international law) illegality that taints or contaminates a ship or cargo rendering it liable to seizure

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Cultures are not designed to identify the collaborative communities of bacteria (Biofilm) that cause chronic infections.
Stunningly, the respite also reversed many of the immune problems that result from chronic infection, such as a rise in proteins that suppress immune response, continuous activation of the immune system and disruption of lymph tissue.
Patients with chronic infection should be counseled about risks of transmission and techniques to reduce risks to contacts.
Our study highlights the important role of STIM1 and calcium channels in shutting down the immune response to chronic infection and in preventing injurious inflammation," Feske says.
In a chronic infection, the memory T cells become so tightly regulated that they eventually are ineffective," said first author Erin West, an Emory graduate student in immunology and molecular pathogenesis.
Bacteria that lacked these enzymes were unable to establish a chronic infection in a mouse model.
About one-third ends up with symptoms of chronic infection.
chronic infection, inflammation, immunity, malignant transformation), sudden permanent insults (e.
There is little doubt that in some fashion, the middle turbinates influence every operation that is performed on the paranasal sinuses for the treatment of chronic infection.
For example: ``Tuberculosis is a chronic infection, usually affecting the lungs, transmitted by inhalation of infected airborne droplets.
The duration of such effects, their outcome on survival, and how they apply to chronic infection are not known.
Several species of the parasite cause skin lesions or ulcerations, which can last for months, while other species cause chronic infection that leads to visceral or internal organ damage to the body, and when untreated, can cause severe illness and death.
Trojan horse-like, the gene helps viruses such as the herpes virus, and others, which cause chronic infection, to slip under the radar of the body's immune system in a game of deception.
On the other hand, hepatitis C becomes a chronic infection for 70-80% percent of those exposed to the virus.
5% have chronic infection and are the primary source of infection for others.
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