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inflammation of the vermiform appendix

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40 years); 18 cases had chronic appendicitis, 100 cases suffered from acute appendicitis and 12 cases had acute purulent appendicitis.
18) As a separate and distinct preoperative entity than acute appendicitis, chronic appendicitis patients were also excluded from analysis.
The mean mast cell counts in acute appendicitis, chronic appendicitis, and normal appendix were found to be 30.
Recurrent acute / chronic appendicitis an independent clinical entity.
Fewer than 2% of cases included ovarian cysts, superior mesenteric artery syndrome, gallstones, chronic appendicitis, or hydronephrosis.
SAN FRANCISCO -- A rare case report suggests that chronic appendicitis should be included in the differential diagnosis when evaluating chronic pelvic pain, Dr.
Unlike acute appendicitis, no clinical characteristics that might aid in a diagnosis of chronic appendicitis (other than recurrent abdominal pain) have been identified.
Her childhood was also marred by disease: like Proust, she suffered from asthma; unlike him, she experienced chronic appendicitis accompanied by bouts of excoriating pain.
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