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a gaseous layer of the sun's atmosphere (extending from the photosphere to the corona) that is visible during a total eclipse of the sun

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In the LMHSM, the presence of condensed matter and elevated chromospheric densities, well-beyond the densities of the Earth's atmosphere, are entirely compatible with a condensed solar photosphere.
the anisotropy could result from the mirroring of the charged particles in the convergent chromospheric magnetic fields" [195, p.
Abstract: In a classic 1972 paper, Andrew Skumanich showed that stellar rotation decreases over time--as does chromospheric activity, a proxy for magnetic field strength.
However, given the appearance of chromospheric structures, such as rosettes and mottles, and the somewhat random orientations of spicules [4-15], it seems unlikely that these objects can be of magnetic origin.
Papers from an October 2006 meeting present recent work on spectroheliograph equipment and observations, the structure and dynamics of the solar chromosphere, active regions and sun spots, prominences and filaments, chromospheric flares, long-term solar variations, and solar physics instrumentation.
Eighty contributions are organized into sections on photospheric magnetism, radiative transfer methods and inversion techniques, new solar polarimeters and techniques, atomic spectro- polarimetry, theory of collisional polarization, laboratory experiments and molecular spectro-polarimetry, stellar spectro- polarimetry, and chromospheric electromagnetism.
But even this simple calculation, based on the characteristics of the Earth's atmosphere, points to significant problems with current estimates of chromospheric densities, inferred from gaseous solar model [44] which it exceeds by a factor on the order of [10.
In the early days amateur solar observations were almost all made in white light, but the availability of affordable hydrogen-alpha filters has greatly increased observations of chromospheric activity and has enabled amateurs to produce images which rival those of professional observatories (Figure 13).
But, many types are listed in the introduction so you have to plough through them all to see if the one you want is described (it is; they are rotating dwarfs of low amplitude with the light variations caused by spots, flares and chromospheric activity).
Papers are grouped in sections on instrumentation, convection and sunspots, magnetism of quiet sun and active regions, waves and shocks, chromospheric heating, coronal heating, local helioseismology, emerging flux, reconnection, flares, coronal mass ejections, and solar wind.
He describes a "basal chromospheric flux," which he attributes to "maybe acoustic heating," and which he subtracts from the total flux.
The chromospheric activity implied by the starspots make this a very likely X-ray source.
Such tremendous excesses of helium call for much lower chromospheric helium abundances, but these are incompatible with levels required to account for helium in the solar winds [58].