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a gaseous layer of the sun's atmosphere (extending from the photosphere to the corona) that is visible during a total eclipse of the sun

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Aditya-L1 can provide observations on the corona and in addition can provide observations on the solar Chromosphere using the UV payload and on the flares using the X-ray payloads.
The first study proved these pulses were observed in extreme ultraviolet emission that originated lower in the chromosphere.
In addition to emission lines from the chromosphere (H[alpha], H[beta], helium [D.
Flux ropes are bundles of magnetic fields that together rotate and twist around a common axis, driven by motions in the photosphere, a high-density layer of the Sun's atmosphere below the solar corona and chromosphere.
IRIS studies the layer of the sun's atmosphere called the chromosphere that is key to regulating the flow of energy and material as they travel from the sun's surface out into space.
These were both spectacular (see pictures) but the corona, chromosphere and prominences were lost.
It reveals dramatically fluid motion and complex magnetic structures all across the solar chromosphere, the layer just above the photosphere.
A small region known as the chromosphere lies above the photosphere.
During totality, the chromosphere and corona come into view, and the Sun can be viewed without filters.
The themes covered are the role of the solar interior in determining solar minimum characteristics, manifestations of the unusual solar minumum in the photosphere and chromosphere, the time-variable corona and the current solar minimum, how the solar wind transmits the unique properties of solar minimum out to the heliosphere, and solar cycle history and prediction.
jets of gas up 10,000 kilometers tall and 1000 kilometers across, rise like fiery spikes into the chromosphere around the edges of --, which are large, organized convection cells.
Triplet benzophenone chromosphere can abstract hydrogen atom from weak C-H bond or other hydrogen donor to form a ketyl radical and can be readily quenched by oxygen [9].
The chromosphere is still a "quiet" aspect of the Sun, even though things become a little strange here (as though the conversion of 4.