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The chromosomally studied area was small compared with the continental distribution of the species (latitude 23[degrees]N to 35[degrees]S) but not negligible at all.
However, a recent study demonstrated that qualitative or quantitative HHV-6 PCR of plasma is not sufficient to distinguish active viral replication from the chromosomally integrated form of HHV-6 (10).
That almost all serous endometrial carcinomas in the TCGA study are deemed copy number high is consistent with previous reports that serous endometrial carcinomas are often aneuploid and chromosomally unstable (16, 17, 71, 72).
CONCLUSIONS: Occupational exposures to benzene were associated with increased incidence of chromosomally defective sperm, raising concerns for worker infertility and spontaneous abortions as well as mental retardation and inherited defects in their children.
This phage-type strain harbors a chromosomally encoded genomic island, Salmonella Genomic Island 1, which is typically responsible for resistance to ampicillin, chloramphenicol, streptomycin, sulfonamide, and tetracycline (2).
A tendency for karyotypically abnormal leiomyomas to be more cellular and to have a higher mitotic index than do chromosomally normal tumors, has been reported (6).
3) Although a significant number of fetuses with open neural tube defects are chromosomally abnormal, this child was chromosomally normal.
The vast majority of miscarriages are chromosomally or somehow morphologically or genetically abnormal--even if we can't prove it, we all believe it.
The cost of infertility treatment in such an equation basically costs out at zero for couples who decide to transfer only one chromosomally selected embryo, said Dr.
Such a feat seemed impossible, even in mice, until 1993, when researchers combined mouse embryonic stem cells with a chromosomally abnormal mouse embryo.
PGS tests the embryos' chromosomal makeup on the 5th day, and only chromosomally normal embryos are transferred to the patient's uterus, while time-lapse photography claims to be able to further select among embryos that survive culture to day-5.
Such information is valuable because it identifies the possibility of future chromosomally unbalanced offspring.
The normal function of prion protein is unknown; however, it is chromosomally encoded by host DNA (in humans, on the short arm of chromosome 20) and normally expressed in an alpha-helical conformation that is susceptible to cleavage by proteinase K (2, 3).
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