chromosomal mutation

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Researchers in the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC), together with scientists in Beijing, China, have discovered a chromosomal mutation responsible for a very rare condition in which people grow excess hair all over their bodies.
Several mutagenicity assays, which detect either large chromosomal mutations, homologous recombination, or score mutants located on nonessential genes, have demonstrated the mutagenic potential of various fiber types (19-22).
The dominant mechanisms of fluoroquinolone resistance identified are 1) chromosomal mutations causing reduced affinity of DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV for fluoroquinolones and 2) overexpression of endogenous MDR pumps.
The PrenaTest is being further developed "to identify other chromosomal mutations such as Trisomy 13 and 18," said Dr.
pallidum chromosomal mutations associated with azithromycin resistance and treatment failures have been documented in several areas in the United States.
In general, it is accepted that chromosomal mutations are casual events in the development of cancers and increased cytogenetic damage may be an indication of an enhanced cancer risk (10).
Previous reports identified chromosomal mutations in N.
However, there is less direct evidence that illustrates chromosomal mutations of asbestos fibers in various organs and tissues in intact organisms.
This is mostly associated with BCR-ABL mutations and/or clonal evolution - the development of chromosomal mutations that occurs in untreated CML and leads to progression of the disease.
As such, chromosomal mutations in this species might not induce any change in the original site of telomere sequences.
Although few chromosomal mutations have been associated with aging, many specific mitochondrial DNA mutations do accumulate in various tissues (e.
These results lead us to conclude the parsnip does have bioactive principles that interfere with the cell division cycle (CDC) of the onion roots, resulting in its acceleration, and inhibition in different doses as evidenced by the mitotic indices and chromosomal mutations.
But some of the changes shaping the industry go almost unnoticed by consumers, buried in the internal print-production pipeline like invisible chromosomal mutations.
The Genzyme team speculates that measuring children's levels of mature CFTR might offer a simpler diagnostic test than the current searches for chromosomal mutations.
Responses, including two of the VGPRs, were seen in patients with chromosomal mutations associated with a poor clinical outcome.