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Doctors say that genetics plays an important role in maintenance of normal spermatogenesis ( sperm production) and in about 30 per cent of infertile males, chromosomal abnormalities and gene mutations have been associated with infertility.
Carriers of chromosomal translocations are known to have reduced fertility.
This patent, US 8,921,332, covers the use of a chimeric endonuclease to induce homologous recombination between a nucleic acid vector and the chromosomal DNA of the cell in vitro to modify a specific sequence .
The value of this test has been proven in high-risk groups, and can be considered as a primary screening test in women at increased risk of chromosomal abnormalities.
Cytogenetic analyses: Chromosomal analysis was carried out on peripheral blood lymphocytes in both the partners by standard methods.
Fragile chromosomal sites are specific areas susceptible to gaps or breaks, they are inheritable (8) and they could indicate regions of genome of major instability.
Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder caused by an error in cell division that results in an extra 21st chromosome.
Effective, low-cost screening Eimethods are ideal in screening for chromosomal abnormalities.
229) investigated whether occupational exposures to benzene at levels near 1 ppm may be associated with increased incidence of sperm carrying structural chromosomal aberrations.
EXPERTS have uncovered further evidence that a chromosomal test can boost the chances of success with IVF.
It appears that most benign nevi are driven by point mutations in selected oncogenes but only exceptionally rarely do they show gross chromosomal abnormalities.
In the present study, the effect of exposure to ascorbic acid (vitamin C) after gamma-ray-induced chromosomal damage in cultured human lymphocytes was examined to explore the mechanism by which this antioxidant vitamin protects irradiated cells Non-irradiated lymphocytes were exposed to increasing concentrations of ascorbic acid (1-100 micro g/ml) and DNA damage was estimated using chromosomal aberration analysis and the comet assay.
Washington, March 15 (ANI): A new study has found that a genetic test that samples the entire genome, known as chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA), has about three times the detection rate for genetic changes related to autism than standard tests.
Earlier studies have also demonstrated that automobile exhaust can induce gene mutations, chromosomal aberrations, sister chromatid exchanges, micronuclei and cell transformation (5-7).