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These antioxidant compounds, which have been studied for decades, have been described as accelerating the resynthesis of rhodopsin, a chromoprotein in retinal rods that stimulates the retinal sensory endings as it is formed and degraded (Soc.
Vitamin A is a component of visual purple, a pigment-bearing chromoprotein, which accounts for carrots' and other vegetables' bright colors.
Studies on chromoproteins of cardiac and skeletal muscle of caimans (Caiman sclerops).
Working in the Great Barrier Reef and under tightly controlled conditions in the Coral Reef Laboratory of the University of Southampton, the team of researchers produced experimental evidence that the pink and purple chromoproteins can act as sunscreens for the symbiotic algae by removing parts of the light that might become otherwise harmful.
GFP-like chromoproteins as a source of far-red fluorescent proteins.