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single- or multi-color lithography

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This valuable book, profusely illustrated by some 250 reproductions in black and white, should not be neglected by anyone interested in the immediate post-Bewick period, for they will certainly gain a fresh appreciation of the richness and decorative utility of wood- and steel-engraving, steel-etching, lithography, and chromolithography.
By mid-century, with the assistance of the penny press, chromolithography, and contract theory--"by his own toil and acumen, any free man could make deals to advance himself" (p.
This becomes evident when one moves from the corpus of Kalighat and Battala pictures, which faced rapid extinction with the emergence of new printing techniques like lithography, chromolithography and oleography, to the new modes of shading and three-dimensional perspective that were employed.
Their paintings of the ruins of Pompeii were the first pictures to be produced in Naples by chromolithography and, introducing Houses and monuments, the Provincial Superintendent of Archaeology argues that, by capturing the ruins' vivid detail, the Niccolinis encouraged those standards of complete preservation and restoration that we have since demanded.
The great Owen Jones, the prince of Victorian chromolithography book designers had obviously studied Ancient Egypt and its aesthetics and he spoke of a "law" that made leaves bend along a stem, noting that the Egyptians must have learnt such flexibility from handling feathers.
The Lenox Library owned not only the original elephant folio edition of ornithologist John James Audubon's Birds of America (1827-38), but a full set of the never-completed American reprint, made by printer Julius Bien using the process of chromolithography (1860-61).
The enterprise term in the subtitle attains significance through the author's investigation of Bierstadt's promotion of his large landscapes through the use of theatrical presentations, and through his use of emerging technological advances in photography and chromolithography in the reproduction and marketing of prints of his paintings.
In the last century, only 10 major exhibitions were held on images that were printed in colour before mass production was introduced with chromolithography around 1830; today, 10 are planned in the next five years.
Till the time chromolithography and colour printing came into vogue, manuscript maps were sold uncoloured.
It was not long before multi-coloured printed images were made with this process, but surprisingly it was not named until the 1850s as chromolithography.
At the same time, chromolithography allowed mechanical printing to replace much hand painting on tin plated toys.
Indeed, since chromolithography meant higher printing costs, publishers rapidly expressed their preferences for more automated systems of reproduction.