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single- or multi-color lithography

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The Democratic Art: Chromolithography 1840-1900, pictures for a 19th-century America.
It doesn't take an artist to appreciate the beauty of early chromolithography produced for farm equipment manufacturers.
Although advertising trade cards existed prior to the Victorian Era, they gained widespread public attention and mass appeal when exhibitors at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial distributed ephemera augmented with the newly perfected chromolithography, allowing cheaply made full-color cards to be distributed to the public for the first time (Purmell 1).
Depannemaeker, have been described as one of the finest examples of chromolithography, a relatively new technique when the book was first published.
In 1837, chromolithography was invented by Godefroy Engelmann.
28) But, for the depiction of illuminated manuscripts, the world still relied on older processes, and particularly on chromolithography, where the originals were copied by hand (often traced), and where each colour had to be printed separately, or--in the more expensive books--added by hand.
Chromolithography and "popular" Politics in India, 1878-1995 >>, Critical Inquiry, 23, 4 : 834-867.
But exactly what inspired Adams to produce the colorful scroll through a Cincinnati chromolithography company is somewhat of a mystery.
This valuable book, profusely illustrated by some 250 reproductions in black and white, should not be neglected by anyone interested in the immediate post-Bewick period, for they will certainly gain a fresh appreciation of the richness and decorative utility of wood- and steel-engraving, steel-etching, lithography, and chromolithography.
By mid-century, with the assistance of the penny press, chromolithography, and contract theory--"by his own toil and acumen, any free man could make deals to advance himself" (p.
This becomes evident when one moves from the corpus of Kalighat and Battala pictures, which faced rapid extinction with the emergence of new printing techniques like lithography, chromolithography and oleography, to the new modes of shading and three-dimensional perspective that were employed.
The same is true of many other public figures, and in the middle of the nineteenth century a new British society magazine, Vanity Fair, began to publish weekly colour caricature portraits of 'Men of the Day', 'Statesmen' and so on, using the new process of high-quality chromolithography.
This piece is knowledgeable, but gappy, omitting the growing popularity of lithography and its typographical successor chromolithography, as well as the impact of technological innovations such as electrotyping and the gravure processes.
The great Owen Jones, the prince of Victorian chromolithography book designers had obviously studied Ancient Egypt and its aesthetics and he spoke of a "law" that made leaves bend along a stem, noting that the Egyptians must have learnt such flexibility from handling feathers.
The Lenox Library owned not only the original elephant folio edition of ornithologist John James Audubon's Birds of America (1827-38), but a full set of the never-completed American reprint, made by printer Julius Bien using the process of chromolithography (1860-61).