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single- or multi-color lithography

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The full three-color chromolithograph that became so popular during the Gilded Age made its debut nearly six months later, in the May 26, 1877 edition.
This Rada loa is associated with the Catholic Virgin Mary and most of the flags sewn in her honor employ a chromolithograph of the Mater Dolorosa, the sorrowful Madonna whose image is common throughout the Latin American world.
Mr Daley's attempt to correct me over the number of stage proofs there were to Robert Carrick's chromolithograph of Turner's Rockets and Blue Lights is redundant, given that I had already stated there are fourteen of these in the very first footnote to my original article ('A Turner Resurrected', APOLLO, May 2005).
The art for the 37-cent stamp -- a bouquet of white lilacs and pink roses -- is a reproduction of a chromolithograph probably printed in Germany circa 1880-1900.
In 1876, a variation on the same image was published by Louis Prang as a chromolithograph in one of the most remarkable printing efforts of the 19th century.
A set of all these contributory proofs is owned by the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, so one such proof could well have been mistakenly supplied by that institution for the talk, instead of the final Carrick chromolithograph showing both boats, thus explaining the absence of the second vessel.
Her fourth grade teachers gave her chromolithographs of fruits, flowers, and landscapes, from which precocious Marguerite painted copies.
The result is authoritative; the explanation of how chromolithographs are made, for instance, is the most thorough since chromolithography was at its peak.
Oleographs are chromolithographs embossed with a pattern that imitates canvas and/or brush strokes to give the appearance of an oil painting.
22) Quite distinctly, Pinney's powerful research into the politics, aesthetics, and censorship of Indian chromolithographs argues for an alternative take on history--one that is specifically made by images.
The lamed T205 gold-leaf border sets uniquely are represented in the Library: These cards, issued in 1911, are chromolithographs based on Paul Thompson's close-up black-and-white photographs of the players.
In 1878 the Calcutta Art Studio was established by former students from the Government School of Art and produced chromolithographs of Hindu mythological scenes (see Pinney, Photos of the Gods; Mitter, "Mechanical Reproduction").
Etienne Leopold Trouvelot (1827-1895) was a prolific observer, (1,2) best known today for his superb chromolithographs.
Commentators wrote enthusiastically of Eastern allure and mystery, and sought to convey the "staggering magnificence" (113) of Indian wares through engravings and chromolithographs.