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a compound that can be converted to a pigment

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For the most part, the vast majority of microscopic pathology is still done by viewing or imaging one marker at a time in serial sections, using a hematoxylin counterstain and either eosin (H&E) or, for protein IF1C measurements, 3,3'-diaminobenzidine (DAB) as a chromogen.
Determination of blood glucose using an oxidase-peroxidase system with a non-carcinogenic chromogen.
Only the two cell types with acidophilic granules in the hypobranchial gland showed a histochemically strong positive reaction for tryptophan, indicating that in these cells there are high concentrations of the precursors or chromogens for "Tyrian Purple.
We also used contrasting chromogens, brown (diaminobenzidine) for the basal cell marker CK5/6 and red (fast red) for AMACR, which allow easier assessment of the foci in question in one visual field.
Most methods rely on the reaction of porphobilinogen with Ehrlich's reagent, coupled with a purification step to remove interfering chromogens.
Chromogens within the medium then enable differentiation of Salmonella colonies (bright purple) from any remaining organisms that are able to grow, such as Klebsiella and Enterobacter, thus reducing the number of false-positives requiring confirmation.
Because of the enormous number of snails to be killed for the extraction of a minute amount of the chromogens produced by the hypobranchial gland, the scarcity of the snails, and the technical difficulties to obtain the final dye explains why "Tyrian Purple" was at that time a most expensive luxury article.
Built on a history of developing distinctive chromogens to differentiate morphology on a single slide, Diagnostic BioSystems introduces a portfolio of five Mosaic Multiplex[TM] Lung Cancer Kits for use in tissue analysis of suspected Lung Cancer patients.
New stable and vivid chromogens available in red, green and blue and the new PROMARK"" canine detection provide IHC flexibility.
Since MART1 is a cytoplasmic marker and Ki-67 is a nuclear marker, by using 2 different systems (eg, ABC and alkaline phosphatase) with 2 different chromogens (eg, diaminobenzidine [brown] and aminoethylcarbazole [red]), it is relatively easy to identify which cells express both markers, thus representing the fraction of melanocytes that are proliferating.
The NKDEP Laboratory Working Group (LWG) has recently described the problems associated with interlaboratory differences in creatinine measurements, including calibration differences and variable interference by noncreatinine chromogens (6).
The kits are compatible with different chromogens that include DAB, Fast Red, Bajoran Purple and Ferangi Blue.
trunculus where the secretion contains both brominated and nonbrominated dye precursors and because of cross coupling of different indoxyl or indoleninone chromogens leading to a mixture of a high concentration of 6-bromoindigo with indigo, indirubin and dibromoindigo (Wouters 1992, Koren 1994, Cooksey 2001).
Unique to the Diagnostic Biosystems offering are antibody cocktails and proprietary chromogens for multicolor staining, focused on improving sensitivity and defining morphology on one tissue section for potentially cancerous cells.
Increasingly we may see multimodality correlations across a variety of platforms with other ancillary molecular assays, proteomics, genomics, and transcriptomics in tissue, plasma, serum, and body fluids, and development of multiple chromogens for simultaneous detection.