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The second chapter focuses on chromic acid end-uses, the third one gives summary on a number of patents.
Chromic acid was prepared by chromium(III) oxide, concentrated sulfuric acid, and water solution at the weight ratios of 29:29:42.
Only 42% of women repaired with chromic catgut sutures and 56% with standard polyglactin 910 resumed intercourse at 6 weeks.
Among the chemicals used are sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, chromic acid and sodium dichromate.
Gauthier explains that the chromic acid the company uses is a hazardous chemical.
Current practice calls for the parts to be plated with zinc, and then dipped in a chromic acid solution.
Hundreds of plastic jerry cans were shipped out to East Africa from Teesside containing mixed chromic acid and arsenic.
The corrosive solution was about 90 percent water, and the rest was nitric, sulfuric and chromic acids and soap, Humphrey said.
Inorganic reagents examined include: Deionized water; 10% solutions of sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide; non-oxidizing acids, hydrochloric and sulfuric, in concentrated and 10% solutions; and oxidizing acids, nitric and chromic, concentrated and 10% solutions.
The team's detailed cellular assays uncovered chromic bronchitis, inflamed bronchial submucosal glands and microscopic holes -- subtle but "pretty severe" lung damage that would elude detection by most coroners, Sherwin says.
Part one of "Intelligent Textiles and Clothing" is dedicated to phase change materials (PCM), part two explores the emerging field of shape memory materials (SMM) in some detail, the third section deals with chromic materials (colour change) and conductive materials.
30amto reports of a chromic acid leak from a pipe in the airplane parts factory.
Production of leather tanning products and chromic acid used in timber treatment and electro-plating was ceased as a result.
For hematomas larger than 1 cm in diameter, the dead space was collapsed with a 6-0 chromic suture placed in a quilt-stitch pattern.