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Synonyms for chrome

another word for chromium when it is used in dyes or pigments

plate with chromium

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treat with a chromium compound

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So how will this new Chrome ad blocker look like for users on Android devices or desktop computers?
According to the company, Chrome Soft X's firmer core and cover combination promotes more ball speed off the tee, more spin through-the-bag and a piercing and workable ball flight.
Later this year, any new Chrome apps that are published will only be available to Chrome OS users, though existing apps can continue to be updated.
The simplest and most common reason to chrome plate screws is that they do not rust while in storage or during shipping.
Install the shortcut from the chrome web store and login with your acclux accounting username and password.
The redesigned mode provides for a Chrome OS-like environment directly inside of Windows 8 and extends the Google browser to eventually convince users to download more Chrome apps, the report added.
But while Chrome may be on the verge of overtaking the long-time leader in StatCounter's eyes, other measurement companies still have IE far ahead of Google's 2008 upstart.
Gulf Mining has played a major role in establishing Omani chrome ore in the world market.
So, to be absolutely clear, here's the low-down on what Google Chrome OS is, what it's for and what it will do when it becomes available at the end of 2010.
Rather than pay fines, Dixon Hard Chrome helped relocate a preschool to a residential area, away from the toxic industrial operation of the neighborhood.
Rubber molds are often chrome plated to reduce wear (and improve release) while mixer rotors are generally stellite coated.
A bunch of new Chrome OS computers were announced by Dell, Lenovo and Acer during the Bett 2018 education tradeshow in London.
Google is seeking to phase out support for Chrome apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux, after finding that less than one percent of people running those operating systems actively use the apps.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Here are a few tips that can make installation of Google Chrome noticeably faster and snappier.