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of or relating to chromatography

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Finally, six peptides were chromatographically isolated from the proteinase K digest by a combination of hydrophobic reversed-phase HPLC and gel filtration.
The chromatographically determined partitioning values would be based upon a comparison of retention times for a standard, with known Log P or Log D value, and that for a sample.
In contrast, when the precipitated powder from cell-free supernatant was compared chromatographically with the chemically hydrolyzed (acid hydrolysis) products, one yellow spot parallel to the yellow spots of acid hydrolyzed was appeared.
12) This filtration method is ideal for removing viruses and large protein impurities by size exclusion from chromatographically purified bovine thrombin because other methods of viral clearance that apply beat, pH changes, and UV irradiation result in excessive thrombin degradation, and S/D inactivation is effective only on enveloped viruses.
Also, the HPLC chromatographically separated each species in the system, providing a retention time and UV spectrum for each.
The applied hydroboration procedure leads to a chromatographically inseparable mixture of hydroxylated diasereo- and regioisomers 4a and 4b, in a ratio of 3 : 1 (determined by NMR).
You may recall from an earlier column that GC involves a sample being vaporized with the resulting gas analyzed chromatographically.
Students will extract and chromatographically separate carotenoids and chlorophylls from fresh spinach leaves.
The reaction products are chromatographically separated and isolated.
If the material can be separated, chromatographically for example, then a calibration curve can be created.
Bayer BP produces and markets treatments for hemophilia, including Kogenate(R) FS/KOGENATE(R) Bayer Antihemophilic Factor VIII (Recombinant), Formulated with Sucrose; and Koate(R) DVI, Chromatographically Purified, Antihemophilic Factor (Human).
These detectors also cannot differentiate between triacylglycerol species that are completely chromatographically overlapped.
THROMBIN-JMI([R]) has been chromatographically purified and further processed by ultrafiltration.
The structural analogs of testosterone listed in Table 1 either did not contain the same mass transitions used for quantification or were chromatographically separated from testosterone with the LC conditions described.
The tea samples were chromatographically separated using the method described by Bramati et al.