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the readily stainable substance of a cell nucleus consisting of DNA and RNA and various proteins

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One of the most important challenges for the plant cell is the response to plant hormones, a process that involves appropriate regulation of chromatin function and gene expression.
Chromatin has optimized its product portfolio to create sorghum feedstocks that serve as ideal renewable resources for emerging bio-based industries such as liquid transportation fuels, chemicals, materials and biopower.
Earlier research had suggested that in the absence of stress, ATF-2 plays a role in silencing certain genes through the formation of heterochromatin, a tightly-packed variety of chromatin whose state is epigenetically heritable.
of Oslo, Norway) introduces chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) as a powerful technique whereby a protein of interest is selectively immunoprecipated from a chromatin preparation to determine the DNA sequences associated with it in regulating gene expression.
Chromatin has developed a novel approach to gene stacking, using plant DNA to deliver several genes on a single chromosome.
During chromatin packing 85 per cent of the histones are replaced by protamine while the residual histones act as marker of genes which are expressed in early embryonic development.
MONTREAL -- Three out of four commonly used vaginal lubricants caused significant decreases in sperm motility in a prospective, controlled study--and it appears that these and other lubricants can impact chromatin integrity as well, Ashok Agarwal, Ph.
Known for its enabling, innovative solutions to help understand the biology of kinases, chromatin, g-proteins and cytokines, Upstate's advanced cell biology tools - drug screening services, enzymes, state specific antibodies, siRNA kits, multiplex assays are used by thousands of customers worldwide, every day to accelerate improving human health.
The cytoplasm of some young trophozoites appeared spread out into the network of irregular pseudopodia, and the chromatin was distributed into fragments, conforming to the tenue forms.
The collaboration between Chromatin and Cibus and Chromatin and NRC-PBI are the first projects to introduce mini-chromosomes into a plant with significant commercial value.
At the same time, the plant with the normal Pickle gene produces a protein called chromatin remodeling factor, which flips the biochemical off-switch that stops the expression of embryo characteristics.
Cancer researchers could be helped by what he learns because research indicates that animals and humans also use the chromatin remodeling factor protein to turn certain genes on and off.
The key to nuclear transplantation with adult cells seems to be a phenomenon that scientists call either nuclear reprogramming or chromatin remodeling.
Objective: A PubMed search for epigenetic identifies nearly 35,000 entries, yet the molecular mechanisms by which chromatin modification and gene expression patterns are actually inherited during chromosome replication mechanisms which lie at the heart of epigenetic inheritance of gene expression are still largely uncharacterised.