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the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength


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For wine color analysis, according to the variables that indicate sample lightness (L*) and chromaticity, responsible for indicating the intensity of the coloration of the product assessed and which is a result of a calculation according to a* and b* color values obtained for wines, no statistical difference was observed (Table 1), although is it possible to observe a tendency of increase on chromaticity values for wines from Syrah vines with the IAC-313 rootstock.
57 ** Pseudostem perimeter at flowering (PPF), pseudostem perimeter at harvest (PPH), bunch filling time (BFT), bunch mass (BM), number of hands (NH), mass of 1st hand (M1stH), fruit length in1st hand (FL1stH), mass of the 4th hand (M4thH), fruit length in the 4th hand (FL4thH), fruits number of 4th hand (FN4thH), postharvest period (PP), luminosity (L), angle Hue (Ho), chromaticity (C), firmness (F), total soluble solid (TSS), pH and titratable acidity (TA).
This represents in rectangular coordinates the luminosity, L * and chromaticity a * values from (-a *) to (+ a) and goes from green to red.
While LM-79 does allow use of a photometer, which is a less expensive alternative than a spectroradiometer, this configuration provides no chromaticity data.
Depending on the size of the preparation, one or more high chromaticity shades are then selected to restore the opaque dentin, paying special attention to "chromatic desaturation" from the gingival to the incisal third.
2007) quantified pearl color data using CIE chromaticity and established color analysis systems.
It has a very high chromaticity, which adds intensity to the gold color, due to an advanced coating technology.
The new pigment additions are Aqua, Indigo, Magenta, and Copper, all characterized by their high brilliance, purity, and chromaticity.
as observed for hue angle, the influence of the rootstock on the peel chromaticity of 'Ruby Red' fruit was dependent on time of harvest; a significant difference (p [less than or equal to] 0.
The chemicals company now offers all five of its 'Lumina Royal' high chromaticity effect pigments for plastics applications, which it says will enable producers of plastics to create special effects and creative styling opt ions for applications such as packaging, electronic and household appliances as well as toys.
The chromaticity of the orange dye in these trials is characterized by the a* and b* values (Table 7).
Formulated to offer chemical, temperature, and weathering resistance and high tinting strength, Yellow 2550 has a high level of chromaticity.
This voluntary specification has stricter performance standards than ENERGY STAR, especially regarding CRI and chromaticity.
A unique feature is the ability to automatically select a continuous variable pitch to produce colours beyond the range of the CIE chromaticity chart.
Where chromatic contrast values are higher than threshold values we predict that the receiver should be able to distinguish between these colors based on their chromaticity.