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the quality of a color as determined by its dominant wavelength


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Trial S08 exhibited good chromaticity, impact, and heat properties, but poor weathering performance.
The California Quality Spec requires a tighter chromaticity than ENERGY STAR.
It also has a high level of chromaticity and is the first choice in formulating durable colors.
For all eight SPDs, RGB light emitting diodes (LEDs) were mixed to create white light matching the chromaticity of a blackbody radiator at 3500 K as close as possible--actual measures at the observers' eyes were 3500 K [+ or -] 20 K, with [D.
The ranges of tolerable variations in color are plotted as ellipses on a CIE x/y chromaticity diagram, and can be categorized into 1-step (the human eye is unable to perceive any variation in color among devices), 2-step to 3-step (levels where color variations are difficult to perceive), and 4-step to 7-step (levels where color variations are noticeable to the human eye.
To display the results in the CIE 1931 colour space chromaticity diagram, the colour coordinates x and y can be calculated as follows:
The CIE L *, a *, and b * coordinates are characterized by three parameters: L * axis represents the lightness, and it varies from 100 (white) to 0 (black); a * and b * are the chromaticity indices; +a * is the red direction; -a * is green; +b * is yellow; and--6 * is blue.
Saturation can be defined as the ratio of the brightness of the monocolor light stimulus to that of the white light stimulus, which can be attributed to the distance between the chromaticity point of the color and the one of non-chromatic stimulus point in the chromaticity diagram (JING & HU, 2006).
Colours can be matched to the CIE 1931 xyY Chromaticity Diagram.
have no specific numerical limits, and they denote the chromaticity.
2001) for: object (standard colour table)--the shot photograph, shot photographs--edited photographs, object (standard colour table) edited photographs and CIE ab chromaticity diagrams were made.
Their topics include the association nature of dyes chromaticity, new magnetic nanomaterials of hyperbranched ferrocene-containing polyphenylenes prepared in liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide, the systems analysis of marketing research on utilizing phosphoric industry waste based on the CALS (continuous acquisition and life-cycle support) concept, and microkinetic aspects of the biocompatibility and biodegradation of polymers.
CIELAB color space uses a natural logarithmic function instead of a cube root function in the CIE chromaticity equations and is mainly useful for the image segmentation of the three dimensional images (Fairchild, 1998).
The chromaticity (quality of color) of the material under daylight viewing conditions is generally a secondary concern, Molino said.
The excellent chromaticity and the finely brushed stainless-steel surface highlight the character of the kitchen as a living area that, more and more, is regaining its classical significance as the centre of the house and apartment.