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based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones

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being or having or characterized by hue

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In London 0213, cropped photographs of multihued plastic buckets are pasted together to create a symphonic chromaticism.
Harmonically, they're lushly tonal but unsettled by subtle chromaticism.
It is a compelling and colorful work the transitions between open, stark tonalities, pentatonics, and the occasional late romantic chromaticism.
6, a quirky, percussive and mercurial composition that demands not only fierce technical prowess but an incisive understanding of the composer's polytonality, dissonance and chromaticism as it applies to this, the first of his three "War Sonatas.
After surveying dance culture during the nineteenth century and Schubert's circle of friends who enjoyed dancing, he examines each dance type and individual pieces for their structure, features, and musical style, including the use of chromaticism and multiple keys; whether Schubert differentiated between the German dance and the landler; and the influence of Schumann, Liszt, and Brahms.
These magnificent exponents showed Dowland to be passionately expressive, a dramatic word-setter using constantly changing rhythms and astonishing chromaticism and dissonance.
Chromaticism appears in early works like On the Town and Trouble in Tahiti, where it is used to evoke hyperactivity and anxiety, and becomes more clearly twelve-tone from Candide onward (247).
essentially allow the same sort of claims to be made about diatonic structure and its relation to triadic chromaticism.
Joe puts it this way: "The CD blends together the atonality of Native American music, and the chromaticism and instrumentation of modern music.
And someone who was so used to post-Romantic chromaticism, where tonality changes all the time, might not find it surprising to hear a recapitulation in a remote key?
The trademark restless chromaticism in the lower strings rose to exciting crescendos while Francomb convincingly shaped tone and phrase from the song-like andante to the invigorating finale.
Upon hearing the Crucifixus movement from the B Minor Mass, one begins to forget the sufferings of Christ and to focus instead on the intense chromaticism and ingenious modulations of the voices.
In all of the recordings in which he is featured, we can hear his unique approach that includes playing behind the beat and a heavy use of chromaticism that reflects a jazz influence.
No longer interested in simply developing his own version of the extreme chromaticism and microtonality associated with Coltrane, Sanders and Ayler, he started to analyze the basic intervals that make up jazz and to re-examine their role in his improvisation, in search of a musical language that was still profound and expressive but also more straightforward.
Instead, he begins with the fact that Anglo- American literary modernists tended to be ill-informed about chromaticism, serialism, and twentieth-century art music more generally.