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based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones

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being or having or characterized by hue

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Much is said in these letters of the applicability of hexachord-building, through the doctrine of conjunctae, on every note of the chromatic scale, allowing in theory a breadth of chromaticism not to be matched in practice even by Gesualdo at the end of the sixteenth century (he was thus not taken aback by the chromatic experiment of Willaert's celebrated "duo" though he did question its correctness of tuning).
163) Similarly, the book avoids instructing readers on differences between diatonicism and chromaticism, to name but one musical polarity among many fundamental to this composer-giant's music.
Sanborn uses colorful harmonies, often spiced with chromaticism and seventh and ninth chords, and varying accompaniment patterns to set tunes that range from film themes ("Beauty and the Beast") to standards ("Polka Dots and Moonbeams") to hymns ("Be Thou My Vision").
But in his search for a new simplicity of musical language as an antidote to the heavy chromaticism of the preceding Tristan und Isolde Wagner became bogged down, and it took him in fact four and a half years to complete the Overture and Act One of Die Meistersinger.
5 Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo-Pak Coalition, Apti (Innova) One of today's most innovative alto saxophonists leads a compellingly austere, contrapuntal, at times blisteringly intense trio--saxophone, guitar, and tabla--punctuated by open spaces, dense chromaticism, and subtle allusions to Indian music.
It exhibits all the attributes of Zelenka's music, above all the masterful counterpoint, instrumental texture, inter-penetration of passages of solo singing and tutti, chromaticism, musical-rhetorical figures and even the citation of chorales.
In the case of his work Daragang Magayon Cantata (2001), Crossman discusses how he employs western chromaticism and sonic references to the Filipino Kulintang percussion ensemble to reflect European and Pacific cultures within the work, arguing that art can facilitate the unification of the visual, the kinetic, the cultural, the personal and the spiritual.
Compositionally, the theme itself makes use of chromaticism and the three-part structure suggested by the traditional blues form: A four-bar phrase made up of two motives is repeated in variation (following the chord structure), and the tension created that way gets resolved, more or less, in the last four bars.
The rhapsodic, rubato-inflected chromaticism of the first piece, in particular, is strongly reminiscent of Bridge, as is the reworking of Scriabin-like quartal harmonies.
Coined by Nicolas Slonimsky to describe music, which, in reaction to excessive tonal chromaticism and atonality, reverts to the resources of the diatonic scale.
2) After the graduation, she spent the summer at her family retreat in the village of Tri Studne, where she sketched her first and only string quartet, an ingenious work that "blends something of the spirit of Janacek's Intimate Letters with a free chromaticism reminiscent of Berg's op.
While technically a version of another work, the more somber of the pair extends the multivalent chromaticism of the Crosshatch works, with gray again functioning as a kind of color choice, the dominant tone in a slightly off-key chord.
3): "This Heilig is an attempt to inspire far greater attention and sentiment through entirely natural and ordinary harmonic progressions than one can attain with any amount of nervous chromaticism.
Atonal technique, pointillism and chromaticism appear in abundance.
with all the demands of chromaticism, harmonic richness and pitch-maintenance they impose (all but one of the pieces was unaccompanied) - all superlatively encompassed.