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based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones

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being or having or characterized by hue

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A key purpose is to break down the potentially monolithic nature of the facade, while providing a colour code for seven different areas of the building, each of the seven sets of colour related chromatically to its neighbour.
One of the most significant changes in the color system, according to Pantone, is that the colors are now arranged chromatically, rather than divided by bright and muted shades as in the past.
Additionally, evolutionary factors to be controlled for include: species used in analyses must not be constrained by social mimicry (two or more distantly related species appearing more chromatically similar than other, more closely related species), phylogeny (restricted to familial level, see above), or be candidates for species packing (reverse pattern of s ize assortment - real pool underdispersed when compared to null pool).
Chromatically, the painting is structured on the contrast of orange and green, with the former modulating into browns, tans, and ochers, and the green of the chair's fabric setting off a strip of blue in the wall to the right.
It is spatialized vertically, organized chromatically, and this hierarchical spatialization is logocentric in its opposition between orality and literacy.
The piece is danced to Arnold Schoenburg's atonal score with its Sprechstimme--that unmistakable mix of song and guttural voice-talk that had soprano Linda Hirst grittily hissing and howling out the text as her voice ran chromatically up and down a scale like a buzz saw.
Similar to other PANTONE PLUS SERIES GUIDES, colors in the DESIGNER FIELD GUIDE and the STARTER GUIDE are chromatically arranged for intuitive selection and are printed using a uniform ink film thickness that makes them easier for printers to match on press.
This was a large, vibrant and chromatically dynamic Gerhard Richter 'squeegee' painting of 1986.
Relatum--The Arch of Versailles (all works 2014), a chromatically neutral rainbow fashioned from a band of stainless steel some fifty feet long, marks the passage from the mirrored interiors of the palace to the lush expanses of the surrounding park.
Delicate passages waft chromatically through shifting harmonies and passages that hint at the constant forward motion and the frenetic complexity of his beloved Buenos Aires.
His Honor" (Fillmore) offers the most challenging arrangement for the advancing organ student with more intricate pedal parts and chromatically challenging chord progressions.
Nearly every patch is chromatically sampled with recorded repetitions (round robin) and recorded dynamic levels.
The approach he took was to insert low furnishings that are chromatically and materially similar as the landscape around .
Berman and Clear assert that the 2006 Hu and others, study "was based on a side-by-side comparison of a chromatically complex scene" they are perhaps referring to Houser, Tiller, and Hu 2004 [Houser and others, 2004].
The chromatically selective pieces represent her Chapel series and depict a maladjusted world where gesture and exaggeration underscore perversities of current society.